Dutch Officials Oppose Requiring Weed Passes For Foreigners


Photo: UK420.com
An employee places filter tips in joints containing marijuana at a Dutch coffee shop.

‚ÄčOfficials in Eindhoven, a city in the south of the Netherlands, have rejected the idea of a pass system for buying cannabis, which would have prevented “drug tourists” from purchasing small amounts of marijuana in local coffee shops.

Local politicians in nearby Den Bosch and Maastricht have already come out against introducing the “weed passes,” the aim of which would be to bar the sale of cannabis to anyone other than Dutch residents, reports Radio Netherlands Worldwide.
Dutch towns including Eindhoven have supposedly been hit by a “wave of violent crime” somehow connected to the supply of cannabis to local coffee shops — at least if you believe those who wish to restrict sales.

While the sale of marijuana is tolerated in the Netherlands, the black market supply of cannabis to the government-licensed coffee shops remains illegal, and is controlled by “criminal networks.”
Under the pass system proposed by the government, coffee shops would become clubs with membership only open to local residents.
Eindhoven Mayor Rob van Gijzel is not convinced that’s necessary, however. Mayor van Gijzel argues that the government should get touch with the supposed “criminals” involved with the supply of cannabis, and not penalize the coffee shop customers.