Cops Say ESPN Radio Host Had Pot Residue On His Shirt


Photo: Chicago Sun-Times
ESPN talk radio personality Harry Teinowitz, seen here in his booking mug shot, had “fresh marijuana residue” on his shirt when he was stopped for drunk driving, according to police

‚ÄčSports talk radio personality Harry Teinowitz of ESPN had fresh marijuana residue on his shirt when he was charged March 4 with driving under the influence, according to police.

Teinowitz’s arrest report was released this week by Skokie, Illinois authorities, reports Mike Isaacs at the Chicago Sun-Times. The arrest led to an on-the-air apology from Teinowitz, who was suspended from his job on ESPN Radio’s WMVP-AM (1000).
The broadcaster was not charged with marijuana possession, but police claimed there was a strong odor of pot coming from his car when he was pulled over on Greenwood Avenue in Skokie. He also reportedly had a strong smell of alcohol coming from his breath, and failed all sobriety tests.
When asked by police about the pot smell, Teinowitz said the car was recently parked by a valet and those who parked his vehicle must have smoked pot in it, police said. Officers searched Teinowitz for marijuana and noticed the residue on his shirt, according to the police report.

Asked by cops where the marijuana was, Teinowitz once again denied having any, police said. An officer then pointed to “a green leafy substance” on Teinowitz’s shirt and he had no response, according to the police report.
A witness told police Teinowitz was driving a vehicle with dealer plates when he first entered the Kennedy Expressway at Addison Street in Chicago, and claimed Teinowitz almost struck his vehicle “several times.” The witness told cops he stayed behind the vehicle and called 911 as Teinowitz eventually exited the expressway at Dempster Street, heading into Skokie.
Teinowitz swerved across all lanes of traffic, according to the witness, who told police he was afraid Teinowitz would crash or seriously hurt other motorists, according to the report.
Police claimed they saw Teinowitz swerve to the right side of the road and “almost strike the curb” before they pulled him over on Greenwood.
Teinowitz smelled like a brewery and had bloodshoot, droopy and watery eyes, according to police.
He told police he was coming from the Blackhawks game before he was arrested just after midnight. His blood-alcohol level tested at 0.131 percent, well above the legal limit of 0.08, police said.
During processing, Teinowitz told officers they “could not do this” because he works for the Disney company and he would lose his job, police said. He then asked two times if he could contact Skokie’s mayor, according to the report.
Teinowitz posted bond and is scheduled to appear in court on March 23.