Cops Say Gator Guarded $1.5 Million California Marijuana Farm


Photo: Terry Pierson/The Press Enterprise
Agents found “Wally,” a four-foot, 55-pound alligator, in a home where marijuana was being grown. They claim he was guarding the plants.

‚ÄčCalifornia narcotics investigators raiding what they called a $1.5 million marijuana growing operation found a four-foot alligator they claimed was guarding the crop.

Now, I know the press just loves exotic pets guarding marijuana crops, just how effective a guard would a four-foot alligator be? Not very, if one can judge by the photo of someone holding the fuckin’ thing. Turns out the gator was just as (in)effective at guarding pot as the B.C. marijuana bears were last year.
In any event, the Riverside County drug task force members, along with Department of Justice agents, moved in on the East Hemet house Monday night, seizing nearly 2,300 marijuana plants, reports KTLA News.

The commander said agents found the 55-pound alligator, “Wally,” which they described as a “watchgator,” in a black cement mixing tub filled with water in a back room of the house. (Sounds a lot more like a pet gator than a guard gator to me.)
Agents arrested resident John Nathan Donna, 29, on felony charges of possession of concentrated cannabis and cultivation of marijuana for sale.
He was booked at the Southwest Detention Center in French Valley and released on $100,000 bail.
Wally the alligator was taken to the Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary in Phelan. The reptile was said to be “very healthy.”
Police had receive an anonymous tip that people at the home “might be dealing drugs,” according to Allied Riverside Cities Narcotics Enforcement Team (ARCNET) Commander Brian Link.
Agents went to the house to question the owner, at which point they found the marijuana grow operation. They then obtained a search warrant.