More Mystery Marijuana Mailed To Pennsylvania


Graphic: Delaware County Daily Times

​It’s raining weed, man. Another unexpected five-pound delivery of marijuana has been left at the front door of an Upper Darby, Pennsylvania resident, according to police.

The package, shipped by the U.S. Postal Service, was left at a home on the first block of South Keystone Street, which — get this — is located directly behind the Upper Darby police station, reports the Delaware County News Network.
The resident, 27, reportedly told police she did not recognize the Arizona return address on the box, but she opened it anyway because she was expecting a delivery from Babies-R-Us. The woman immediately called police upon seeing the contents, according to reports.
“I was on my way home and I seen my mailman,” the woman said, reports Linda Reilly at the Delaware County Times. “The package was on the top step and my husband picked it up. I didn’t know the name on the box and was suspicious, but I was waiting for baby clothes I ordered from Babies-R-Us and opened it.”

Inside the box, the cannabis was found wrapped in multiple layers of plastic, which were dipped in oil and vinegar to mask the distinctive odor of marijuana, according to police. The wrapping was secured using blue painters’ tape.
“As soon as I saw it, I called police because I remembered seeing it on the news last week,” the woman said. “It was wrapped up really good. It was one box inside another box, with Styrofoam on the sides. When the cop came, he checked it out and stuck his knife in there. It really stunk.”

Upper Darby Police Chief Michael Chitwood, pictured above, used to sell these t-shirts. Yeah, Chief Chitwood’s a media whore who likes drama and attention.

​”They went through a lot of pain and angst so it wouldn’t be disturbed or sniffed out by a dog,” said Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael J. Chitwood, reports Mari A. Schaefer at The Philadelphia Inquirer
Pain and angst, Officer Chitwood? How does the simple business practice of wrapping valuable merchandise for shipment equal “pain and angst”? Save the drama for your mama.
Police reports claimed it was “high-grade marijuana” with a “street value” of “about 22,000,” which likely indicates they either don’t know what the hell they’re talking about, or that their dealer has been ripping them off at $4K a pound. In any event, just please don’t ever rely on cops for accurate pot pricing information, ‘k?
Last week, a couple in their 60s — on Heather Road, also in Upper Darby — called the cops after a five-pound brick of marijuana was shipped to their home via UPS. That package also listed an Arizona return address, which police determined did not exist.
Detective Capt. George Rhoades Jr. confirmed the marijuana in the box was similar to that delivered last week to Heather Road in Upper Darby, with the same precautions taken to mask the odor of cannabis.
Unlike last week’s delivery, the five pounds of pot hadn’t been compressed into brick form this time, according to Rhoades. But he believes the same organization was behind both attempts.
“It was about the same amount of marijuana and did come from Arizona again,” Rhoades said. “Obviously, someone is trying to get five pounds of marijuana into the area and they missed the pickups.”
The Heather Road package was mailed from Phoenix, Arizona, and the South Keystone Avenue package was mailed from Tempe. 
According to Chitwood, drug dealers are apparently sending the packages to random addresses, intending to intercept them before the homeowners get them.
“This is probably around the eighth package that has been sent that way,” Chitwood said. The other packages have ranged from five to 20 pounds, he said.
“If that many are being intercepted and turned over to police, imagine what’s being delivered and not turned in,” Chitwood said. “I’m betting it’s happened more times than we think.”
Ya think, Chief?