OK Senate Approves Life In Prison For Making Hash


Photo: Beats From The Streets

‚ÄčConcentrating marijuana down into hashish could get you a life sentence in Oklahoma under a bill approved by the Oklahoma Senate.

The Senate voted 44-2 for the bill on 4-20, of all days. Dudes, are they saying F.U. to us, or what? The bill now heads to the House for final consideration, reports the Associated Press.
The bill was “requested” by the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. Well, hell. Nice to know that in Oklahoma, they let the BNDD not only enforce the drug laws, but also write the damned things. That cuts a whole host of inconvenient things out of the process, you know? Things like citizen input and common sanity.

In any case, the OK BNDD said the state “has seen few cases” of hash manufacturing in Oklahoma. So it’s not a problem, therefore you need to pass a law against it? Brilliant thinking, douche bags. No wonder you’re losing the Drug War (which is really a war on American citizens).
OK BNDD spokesman Mark Woodward claimed the goal of the draconian bill is to “send a message” that “illegal drugs won’t be tolerated in Oklahoma.” Fair enough, Officer Woodward; let me take this opportunity to “send a message” that you’re an asshole, ‘k?
Conviction of a first offense of making hashish would result in a prison sentence from two years to life in prison. Sentences would be doubled under a second offense, and those convicted would not be eligible for a suspended sentence or probation.
States broke, prisons are full, what can you do put pass a law sure to send more nonviolent offenders to prison!
Man, with stellar leadership like this in Oklahoma, it’s no wonder they lead the nation in… Well, I’m sure they do something right.