CannaFresh Jars: Mission #1 Is Keeping Your Marijuana Fresh


Photo: CannaFresh

​Just yesterday, while in a Seattle dispensary, I saw the top of a bud jar simply break off when the budtender tried to remove the lid. Such thin glass and flimsy craftsmanship are not a factor when it comes to CannaFresh™ bud jars.

When you pick up a CannaFresh jar, the sheer heft of it becomes obvious, even in the smallest sizes. This is thick glass, and these apothecary-style jars should last for years.
“Our mission is simple,” CannaFresh says. “Keep it Clean. Medical. Professional.” Toward that end, the company offers a number of options, including patient sizes, larger display sizes well-suited for dispensaries, and even CannaFresh Customs™, on which dispensaries can put their logo.

Photo: CannaFresh
The set of three CannaFresh Cheech and Chong collector jars goes for $79. Also available is a huge 2.5-gallon size for $150.

​The most important traits in a bud jar, of course, are preserving freshness and preventing the damage and attendant trichome loss associated with bag storage. CannaFresh jars seal airtight and will thus keep your medicine fresh far longer than plastic jars with their snap-on lids.
As for dispensary owners, “Our products have been specifically designed to meet your needs,” CannaFresh says. “They will make your displays look pro. Making it easier to identify what product is being displayed and therefore improving the visitor’s experience. 
CannaFresh jars come in sizes all the way from the extra small (the “four ounce”) to the nice and roomy (“2.5 gallon”). These sizes are measure by how much water would fit in them. Therefore, the “four ounce” extra small jar would hold between an eighth ounce and maybe a tightly packed quarter ounce.
“P-Series” CannaFresh jars have clear glass lids, and “D-Series” jars have opaque black lids; both kinds have airtight plastic seals built in.
In addition to CannaFresh jars and custom branded jars, the company also offers collector edition Cheech and Chong jars in small (“7 oz.”), medium (“22 oz.”) and large (“32 oz.”) sizes. Each size has a different cartoon image of Cheech and Chong, so to get all three images you need all three sizes. The set of three goes for $79.
The small jars feature a “Dude, where’s my stash?” Cheech and Chong cartoon. The medium jars featured a “Cheech and Chong: The Joint Venture” cartoon, and the large 32-ouncers have a “Cheech and Chong Rise to the Occasion” design.
Also available with the same Cheech and Chong logo as the 32-ounce size is a big honkin’ 2.5-gallon jar for $150; there are no shipping charges for this size.
Members of the general public can order CannaFresh jars from If you operate a dispensary and want to order wholesale, call 1-424-442-0232.

Graphic: CannaFresh
CannaFresh jars are available in these sizes.