Israeli Marijuana Raid Barges Into Swingers’ Sex Party


Photo: Casual Encounters

‚ÄčOfficers from the Israel Border Police thought they were hot on the trail of some illegal cannabis on Thursday night, but they stumbled instead upon a different kind of party, finding themselves barging iin on a swingers’ sex party.

The volunteer police officers raided Moshav Beit Hanan in central Israel, finding a hydroponic marijuana growing operation and two suspects, reports Yaniv Kubovich at Haaretz.
The suspects took off on foot and the police gave chase, all the way to a closed area where they stumbled upon dozens of scantily clad party-goers.

A brief investigation revealed that the turned-on revelers were in the throes of a swingers’ party.
The red-faced police made their excuses and quickly left, with the two pot suspects in custody.