Rainbow Dreaming In Oz: 3 Pounds Of Cannabis Per Plant


Photo: Garry Von Billen
13 feet high — and then there’s the plant.

​The potent cannabis sativa strain Rainbow Dream, bred by legendary grower Garry Von Billen, took the Australian marijuana world by storm when it was unleashed in 2003. Von Billen on Friday morning took the time to tell Toke of the Town a little about his connoisseur strain and the story behind it.

“I was lucky to buy some Jack Flash (Jack Herer crossed with Haze x Superskunk) in 2002 on the street in Nimbin,” Von Billen told us. “I grew and pollinated the buds with a strain I have been growing for 25 years called Carrot (sativa that was smoked in Sydney in the late 70s), and the result was Rainbow Dreaming (R.D.) strain.
“I was impressed and so were my friends,” Von Billen told Toke of the Town. “They would ask me where I got the hash from. I entered it into the Australian Cannabis Cup held in Nimbin at Mardigrass time, 2003. The judges loved it and it won hands down. It was entered again in the 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 Cups and won each year except for a second place in 2006.”

According to Von Billen, Rainbow Dreaming combines the strengths of its varied genetics.
“The taste is very reminiscent of J.H. with a very uplifting high from the Carrot and the smoothness is nine and a half out of 10,” Von Billen said. “The stone last for hours and doesn’t result in a headache like some other strong strains.
“Growing this strain is a long-term project and the plants are voracious feeders,” Von Billen told us. “They grow to 4m [13 feet] and quite busy. My friends call them Christmas trees on roids. The stem attached to each leaf has a vibrant purple streak on top and the leaves are medium to light green.
“If you can’t get a yield of three pounds from one of these girls, then your growing methods should be adjusted,” Von Billen said.
“Three of my friends/acquaintances used the buds in their last weeks with cancer and their families said it was the best way to go, just so peaceful,” Garry told us.
“Keep up the good fight for pot law reform,” Von Billen said. “Hemp Hemp Hooray!”

Photos by Garry Von Billen