Ex-Mayor Convicted Of Selling Marijuana


Photo: KOMO News
Ex-Mayor Floyd “Butch” DeRosia was arrested in April 2010 on charges of selling marijuana to an informant. He was convicted by a jury on Wednesday.

‚ÄčA Snohomish County, Washington jury on Wednesday convicted a former Granite Falls mayor of dealing marijuana.

Floyd “Butch” DeRosia faces up to six months in jail after the verdict, according to Deputy Prosecutor Halley Hupp. DeRosia is scheduled to be sentenced later this week, reports the Everett Herald Net.

DeRosia was one of more than a dozen people arrested last year as a result of a two-year “investigation” into “drug trafficking” in Granite Falls. City police officers worked undercover with detectives from the Snohomish Regional Drug Task Force and informant snitches.

Most of the crimes targeted involved selling marijuana, methamphetamine or prescription drugs, according to task force officials.
The ex-mayor was accused of selling cannabis to undercover officers on two different occasions. After a two-day trial, jurors convicted him of two counts of delivery of a controlled substance.
DeRosia served as mayor of Granite Falls for two years before resigning in 2003 after harassment allegations.