Retired Cops, Marijuana Advocates To Rally In Sacramento


Graphic: LPP

​An organization of retired and disabled members of the law enforcement community — which provides support to medical marijuana patients and caregivers — is joining with members of the Sacramento County Patients and Collectives (SCPC) to rally outside the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, June 21.

With numerous medical cannabis collectives currently serving thousands of people in the unincorporated areas of Sacramento County, California, the Board of Supervisors will consider a new ordinance that will effectively close down every collective operating in the unincorporated area of Sacramento County.

Photo: LPP
Nate Bradley, LPP: “This ordinance will hurt the very people that the Compassionate Use Act was passed to protect”

​”The need for an ordinance regulating medical marijuana dispensaries in Sacramento County is long overdue,” said Nate Bradley, executive director of Lawmen Protecting Patients. “But by banning home deliveries, food products made with marijuana and banning patients from being able to grow their own cannabis outdoors, this ordinance will hurt the very people that the Compassionate Use Act was passed to protect.”
“The Board of Supervisors needs to realize they are opening themselves up to massive liability if they choose to adopt the ordinance in its current form,” said Stephen Cline, managing partner at Amerient Law Group, LLP, which is also participating in the rally. Amerient’s medical cannabis division provides criminal defense, land use permitting and tax preparation for the medical marijuana community.
SCPC has been collecting letters of support from the businesses that surround their collectives. They have also collected numerous letters of support from their members, including many from bedridden patients who depend on their collectives to deliver medication to them. SCPC will submit the letters to the Supervisors after the rally.
Sacramento County Patients and Collectives (SCPC) is a nonprofit mutual benefit organization established by medical cannabis collectives to work alongside the Board of Supervisors, county staff and the community to create a zoning ordinance to provide medical cannabis to sickly and disabled patients.
Lawmen Protecting Patients (LPP) was founded by former and retired members of the law enforcement community whose lives were changed by the use of medical marijuana. The group says it is dedicated to protecting the rights of, and educating, medical marijuana patients.