Cop Who Gave Snitch A Pound Of Marijuana Resigns


Photo: San Leandro Talk
Jason Fredriksson allegedly decided he liked informant nookie so much, he’d give the snitch a pound of weed.

​A San Leandro, California police detective accused of giving more than a pound of marijuana to a female informant with whom he was having an extramarital affair, has resigned.

Jason Fredriksson, 38, told San Leandro officials of his decision on Friday, said his attorney, Harry Stern, reports Chris De Benedetti of the The Oakland Tribune.
“He weighed his overall situation against the idea if litigating the employment aspect of it, and he decided it would be in everybody’s best interest for him to resign,” Stern said.
Fredriksson, one of four detectives in the department’s vice/narcotics unit, has been a San Leandro officer since 2002. He has admitted to banging a police snitch.
He pleaded not guilty on May 20 to one count of transporting and furnishing marijuana to the woman.
“There is no evidence concerning the idea that he provided marijuana to the informant,” Stern said “Jason took responsibility for having the relationship with the informant. He let down his family, first and foremost, and the department. And it was on that basis that he chose to resign.”

Photo: San Leandro Talk
San Leandro Police Chief Sandra Spagnoli claims no other cops are involved in the scandal

​San Leandro Police Chief Sandra Spagnoli declined to comment on the details of Fredriksson’s departure, other than to confirm that Friday was his last day on the job.
Spagnoli claimed on Monday that she didn’t think any other San Leandro police officer is connected to the case. Whether or not that’s true, the scandal-riddled department has plenty of other problems to worry about.
Fredriksson came under criminal investigation on March 18 when a San Leandro resident told Chief Spagnoli about the detective’s involvement with the skanky informant, according to police.
Authorities searched Fredriksson’s home in Danville and found items that supported the marijuana charge, police claimed.
Fredriksson declined to provide a statement to investigating detectives, according to court papers.
He had been on paid administrative leave until Friday, his last day with the department. He received $193,233 a year in pay, reports San Leandro Talk.
Fredriksson’s next court appearance is scheduled for August 10 in Hayward.
He is the second Fredriksson family member to be arrested this year.
His father, John Fredriksson — a former inspector at the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office — is facing eight counts of child molestation charges in Contra Costa County Superior Court.