Supporters To Hold Miami Beach Marijuana Decrim Rally


Graphic: CSMP


In a small but important success, a marijuana decriminalization measure has qualified for the ballot this fall in Miami Beach, Florida, and supporters have scheduled a rally for Wednesday, July 13, at 4:20 p.m.

“We are working to generate a huge crowd for this historic event,” said campaign organizer Eric Stevens of the Committee for Sensible Marijuana Policy (Sensible Florida). “We need to get as many people as possible at the rally.”
“One of our plans is to have planes with banners flying all around Miami Beach to let people know that this is happening,” Stevens said. “Imagine how cool it would be to see a plane flying overhead announcing a marijuana rally at City Hall on Miami Beach as we work to present the voices of thousands of people who signed the petition to change the marijuana laws!”

“We are currently active and collecting signatures for our Miami Beach decriminalization initiative,” Stevens said. “Please check the Miami Beach page or our Twitter for updates about exactly where we will be.”
Florida NORML, People United For Medical Marijuana (PUFMM), Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), Sensible Florida Miami Beach, and others have all worked hard for more than a year to make this event happen, activist/author Robert Platshorn told Toke of the Town Monday morning.
What: Rally to support petition submission to decriminalize marijuana on Miami Beach
When: July 13, 4:20 p.m.
Where: Miami Beach City Hall, 1700 Convention Center Drive (on the corner of 17th Street & Convention Center Drive)