Seattle Hempfest 2011 In Photos: Friday and Saturday


All photos by Steve Elliott ~alapoet~ unless otherwise noted

Hempfest 2011, the biggest ever (as in, for the first time ever, three days, man) is still happening at Myrtle Edwards Park in Seattle until 10 p.m. Sunday night. The first two days saw plenty of memorable moments.

For me, speaking for the first time from the Share Parker Memorial Main Stage on Friday was a sure enough rush. Looking out, seeing and hearing that many cheering, happy people was definitely one of the high points of my weekend — and one that I was able to replicate again on Saturday from the Seeley Memorial Stage, where I spoke just before 4:20 and got back up onstage with a big crowd of folks at the magic moment.
Here are some of the best photos from this weekend to remember.

The Share Parker Memorial Main Stage on Friday before the crowd arrived

The Drug War Victims’ Panel at the Hemposium tent on Friday: Nora Callahan, Laurienne Moss, Eve Moss, and Jodie Emery

Thank goodness, plenty of munchies were available.

Photo: Doc O’Zee
Yours truly, Toke of the Town editor Steve Elliott, speaks from the Main Stage on Friday. What a rush!

Harborside Health Center director Steve DeAngelo interviews with a film crew Friday.

Talisha Lopez speaks from the Main Stage on Saturday.

Love the tramp stamp.

This friendly group of 420 nurses is from South Sound Medical Clinic in Tacoma, which can help you get authorized for medical marijuana if you live in Washington state and have a qualifying medical condition. Call South Sound Medical Clinic at 888-350-0420.

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Jim Page on the Main Stage Saturday.

The Defeyes played the McWilliams Stage Saturday afternoon.

Seattle’s finest.

This was one of Hempfest’s well-intentioned but misguided attempts to discourage the brownie trade inside the festival. I say misguided because how many newbies do you think decided “Oh my God, I have hepatitis!” once the effects of their brownies kicked in? Oh well, guess I have a whole ‘nother excuse for my hepatitis C — even though you can’t get that from brownies.

This drummer was totally into his music Saturday afternoon.

I found this totally cool art backstage at the Seeley Stage just before speaking there on Saturday.

Just after I spoke at the Seeley Stage, the magic moment of 4:20 arrived.

4:20 at the Seeley Stage on Saturday.

Henry Hemp on the Seeley Stage at 4:20 Saturday.

“Guru of Ganja” Ed Rosenthal fires ’em up from the Seeley Stage at 4:20 on Saturday.

The Seeley Stage crowd was pretty happy by 4:22. 🙂

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The Super Sonic Soul Pimps rocked the Main Stage Saturday afternoon.