Surprise, Surprise: Oklahoma Governor Not OK With Marijuana


Photo: Oklahoma Farm Report
OK Gov. Mary Fallin: Smoking marijuana means you’ll end up in prison. For hash, make that a life sentence.

​In a bit of non-shocking news, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin said she’s firmly opposed to legalized marijuana, even for medicinal uses.

The Republican governor, who recently signed a bill establishing a life sentence for making hashish out of marijuana, made the statement Thursday during an online town hall forum, reports The Associated Press.
Fallin, one of the new breed of intellectually challenged crypto-conservative “I’d like to hit that” MILFs (think Palin and Bachmann) who seem to be the Republicans’ candidates of choice these days, claimed she analyzes hundreds of pardon and parole requests each month.

Of those, she estimates “90 percent of those criminals have struggled with substance abuse.” She claims many of those started by smoking marijuana.

Photo: Beats From The Streets

​Yes, it’s a real-life Reefer Madness governor who wants to lock you away forever for enjoying a natural herb.
The online forum, hosted by the Oklahoma GOP, had Fallin taking questions posted on the party’s Facebook page.
Dozens of the questions were about legalizing marijuana or allowing the medical use of cannabis.
A medical marijuana bill introduced in the Oklahoma Legislature earlier this year never even got a hearing.
Ironically, Governor Fallin claims to oppose federal interference in Oklahoma’s health care options.
“The federal government has the ability by law to come in and tell Oklahoma what we are going to do. I don’t want the federal government coming in and telling Oklahoma what we are going to do in insurance and providing health care,” she said in March in a conversation about President Obama’s healthcare reform.
Man, with stellar leadership like this in Oklahoma, it’s no wonder they lead the nation in… Well, I’m sure they do something right.