This Is Just Sad: Okie Drug Agents Show Off Anti-Pot Skills


Photo: Steve Sisney/The Oklahoman
Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics buffoons, I mean agents, rappel from a helicopter, supposedly to show off “pot-fighting techniques” on Wednesday, August 24, 2011, in Norman, Oklahoma.

‚ÄčFile under “This is just sad.”

Gung-ho but none-too-bright agents from the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs this week showed off to media and politicians the “tactics and techniques” they use to supposedly “eradicate” marijuana crops in their state.
“You mean besides just chop the fuckers down?” you may reasonably be asking. Just shows how damn little you know about this here mary-ju-wanna, there, hippie!
This stuff is serious and dangerous. You can’t just walk up all casual-like and uproot the shit. Oh, no. You’ve gotta sneak up on it, or maybe drop out of the sky.
You need a multi-million dollar helicopter and a military-style team all Rambo’d out in the finest assault gear. You need these heroes rappelling from that helicopter going after those horribly dangerous weeds. Takes a true hero to do this shit, doncha know!
The OK Bureau of Narcotics has been working out of Norman, Oklahoma all week, flying as far north as Guthrie, south to Pauls Valley, east to Shawnee and west to El Reno, according to spokesman Mark Woodward, reports NewsOK.
Agents start searching for the cannabis crops in June and continue sweeps until the first freeze, according to Woodward.
“It’s something we’ve done in the late summer since the late ’80s,” Woodward said.
Consider for a moment the vast stacks of taxpayer dollars these morons have pissed away playing Army.
The Bureau of Narcotics found and “eradicated” about 200,000 plants during their summer sweeps when they started about 20 years ago, Woodward said, but these days it’s more like 20,000 to 30,000 a year. (Likely explanation: When the Bureau started its “eradication” program 20 years ago, they were going after Oklahoma’s vast fields of feral hemp; after they got all the easy pickin’s, the annual plant count went down.)

“It’s really become the model marijuana eradication program nationwide,” Woodward said. 
Really? Drug agents in other states are truly saying “Man, I wish I was like those cool guys in Oklahoma, rappelling out of their helicopters, and shit!”
Who knew.
“Hopefully, that will send the message that Oklahoma is not a place to come a grow marijuana,” Woodward said.
It’s definitely not a place to make hashish, either.