Stashable Storage Tubes Ideal For Hiding Weed

Each Stashable Storage Tube comes with an adhesive strip of velcro to secure it in a hidden spot.

​The technology of hiding weed has come a long way since the days of the hollowed-out book or the decoy soda can.

The Stashable Storage Tube, a storage device designed for easy portability (it fits in your pocket or purse) protects its contents from being crushed or damaged by liquids, although, as the company responsible coyly notes, “its primary function as a security device is delivered through concealed use.”

The idea is simple, according to, based in Royal Oak, Michigan, which manufactures the tubes: An item that cannot be found, cannot be taken.

​”By keeping the contents out of sight, a thief has no choice but to be unaware of the item,” the company points out with irrefutable logic.
It works like this: The tubes come with a “base unit” made of velcro with an adhesive side to stick to the underside of shelves, cupboards or other surfaces. The tubes have velcro on them which sticks to the base unit, keeping them in place.
“The Stashable Storage Tube secures sensitive and valuable items by relocating them from the usual storage locations, such as the glove box, console, dresser drawer, or jewelry box; to a safer, hidden location,” ToysFromMyAttic tells us. “A thief is unlikely to expend the extra time searching beyond these traditional locations.”
The tubes are all constructed of a high strength polycarbonate — the same stuff used to make bulletproof glass, safety goggles, and the windshields on fighter jets. “You will not break these,” ToysFromMyAttic confidently states.
While the Stashable Storage Tube can be used to hide and store all sorts of items — anything that will fit inside, and that you want to protect from damage, loss, or unauthorized access, is fair game — it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that lots of you are going to hide your weeeeeed in it.
But that doesn’t mean you can’t also use the tubes to store emergency cash, crucial phone numbers, keys, important documents, passwords, flash drives, and any other small and easily lost items. 
For best results, ToysFromMyAttic suggests you hide the tube out of sight and do not mention the location to others. The self-adhesive base can be cut to size and placed nearly anywhere in any position. “Get creative,” the company advises. “Grab a flashlight, get on your hands and knees, and find a good spot.”
The Velcro isn’t going to come off easily once you apply it, so sit down and take a minute thinking about where you want to put it. You’ll generally want to place the tube somewhere out of the line of sight; that means you won’t have to worry about removing the Velcro strip, even if you decide to use your tube somewhere else.
“Just don’t stick it to the top of your dash and expect it come off if you decide to stop using it there,” the company says in a refreshing bit of honesty.
Stashable Storage Tubes are available in six sizes, ranging from 1″x2.5″x7/8″ diameter ($7.99) up to 3″x16″x2.75″ diameter ($83.99). You can get a six-pack of the 1″x2.5″ tubes for $39.99. Six packs of the 1″x5″ tubes are $59.99.
Custom sizes and colors of Stashable Storage Tubes are available; contact for details.
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