Teen Kills His Parents After They Threw Away Marijuana


Cook County Sheriff’s Department
John Granat, 17, is accused of killing his parents

​One challenge with being a cannabis consumer in a society that has for decades been trained to be pot-phobic — to the point of irrational, superstitious fear — is that you constantly run into the same tired negative stereotypes, the same ignorant assumptions, and the same shared blame game.

“Shared blame,” you ask? Yeah. I mean the kind that seems to make it a law of nature that when some psycho loser, somewhere, does something horrific or stupid, then it turns out he tokes? Suddenly the entire marijuana community is suspect, at least according to the corporate tools who are responsible for most of the news you read.
Today’s exercise in shared blame comes courtesy of loser Illinois teen John Granat, 17, who allegedly bludgeoned his mom and dad to death in their bed Sunday morning. According to press reports, this fucked-up shitbag of an excuse for a human being killed John and Maria Granat, 44 and 42 respectively, allegedly because they had caught him growing marijuana at home, and had then thrown his plants away.
Now, killers are killers, and potheads are potheads; there’s usually very little overlap between the two groups, except the occasional self-medicating psychotic like little John here, whose demons finally overpowered him and made him do something deeply cruel and stupid.

But what, exactly, does that have to do with the marijuana-using public at large? Nothing whatsoever. It just means that when you piss off a psycho killer, people get killed — whether or not the psycho killer smokes pot.

Daily Mail
John, 44, and Maria Granat, 42, were found beaten to death in their bedroom

​In any event, father John and mother Maria were bludgeoned to death in their bed early Sunday morning in the upscale Chicago suburb of Palos Park. Young John had already made multiple threats to kill his parents, according to the boy’s friends, police said. 
According to prosecutors, the father, who was found on the floor, had his kidney lacerated, his jaw broken and his teeth knocked out, while the mother had been stabbed repeatedly until she died.
“When you entered (the bedroom) it was almost entering another world,” Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart told the Tribune. “From the nature of the wounds and the nature of the blood, there was a lot of violence in that room.”
Young John himself called the police to report the murder of his parents in their Chicago-area home. He at first claimed that he’d been sleeping in the basement and discovered the bodies of his parents when he went upstairs upon waking up.
But investigators said there were no signs of forced entry, and they found John giving them misleading accounts. The boy told them he’d been home all night, but Palos Heights police records showed he’d been stopped at 5:17 a.m. for a broken tail light, reports Andy Grimm of the Chicago Tribune.
According to the officer who pulled the teen over, Granat had a bottle of bleach — “pool chlorine in a plastic bottle” — and $4,000 in cash inside the car. He told investigators he’d been out with friends, but none of the friends he named told police they’d seen him after 6 p.m. on Sunday.
“[Granat] gave numerous stories, one after the other, including alibis,” said Sheriff Dart. “None of which made any sense, none of which turned out to be true.”
Dart said the father’s wallet was found on the kitchen counter with $1,800 in it, and other valuables had been left untouched.
Granat is being held at Cermak Hospital in the Cook County Jail, where he is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation, according to sheriff’s officials.