Violent Attack At Marijuana Rally Ignored By Police


According to bystanders, the man pictured at right allegedly used the sign he is holding in the photo to strike a pro-marijuana protester in the head. Police refused to do anything about the incident, smilingly saying it “looked like an accident.”

A violent attack by an anti-marijuana individual on a pro-marijuana protester at a medical cannabis rally in Michigan last week was ignored and laughed off by police who saw the incident, according to eyewitnesses.

The attack, which occurred at the medical marijuana rally at the state capitol in Lansing on Wednesday, happened to medical marijuana patient/activist “J.,” according to eyewitnesses.
“He got smacked in the head (purposely) by the guy with the ‘Say No To A Pothead Society’ sign and told he ‘could now go to hell,’ ” activist Zig Zag Man wrote in a Facebook note.
“J. had his sign raised higher than the idiot and when J. put his sign down to rest (sort of heavy), the anti-pothead swung his sign and hit J. in the face and twisted his head out of his normal ‘range of motion’ with the titanium plate holding his neck to his spine (he even had his neck brace on),” Zig Zag Man wrote.
“J. got over to the cop (adrenalin rush) and said ‘I want him arrested for assault,’ and the cop smiled and said, ‘Looked like an accident to me!’ “

The man who allegedly attacked a pro-marijuana protester is pictured at right, holding the sign reading “Say No To A Pot Head Society!”

​”We were able to keep the calm amongst the crowd there at Michigan and Capitol (they wanted to lynch the anti-pothead),” Zig Zag Man wrote. “The crowd was ready. First, they were yelling at the cops to arrest the anti-dopehead, but all [the cops]did was smile and smirk and say ‘accident.’
“The fact that police were right there, and saw what happened to J., makes me think he was a police plant, trying to incite problems,” Zig Zag Man commented. “If we would have jumped his ass, they would have reported that we were a violent group.

Here’s the anti-pot guy holding up his other sign. Dig the cool dude with the “IGNORE THIS GUY” sign. LOL

​”I got J. away from the cop, he took about 10 steps and collapsed. Five cops stood by and not one moved a muscle to help me keep him from cracking his head on the cement,” Zig Zag Man wrote. “The cops did not help me get to my car (glad it was close). I ran to it, got back to J., and G. carried him into the vehicle as the ambulance pulled up.
“J. would not go with the ambulance; he said he was not going to put his life in their hands after the way the cops ‘kept peace’ in Lansing!”
According to Zig Zag Man, J. is still in a lot of pain; his muscles were wrenched when his head was turned too far by being hit with a sign. He’ll be seeing a doctor on Tuesday.
“What great people us ‘potheads,’ are,” Zig Zag Man wrote. “Thank you to all that cooperated for the one hour before the shit hit the fan. Boy, a couple of these women were right in his face. What was sort of funny was for every bit of Scripture he tried to spout, five or 10 people were yelling back at him the opposing Scripture. He could not believe potheads actually knew about the Bible!
“I could not have been prouder of all the people at the rally… Thank you all!”