Happy Buds Is Not Your Ordinary Marijuana Book


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Happy Buds give guidance on marijuana strains that work best for more than 25 occasions, profiling more than 80 varieties

​Happy Buds: Marijuana for Any Occasion, the latest book from ganja guru Ed Rosenthal, is unlike any other marijuana book on the market, including any of Ed’s other works. The book aims to answer the question, “What strain is good for that?” in a recreational way. As the front cover puts it, “Dance • Play • Chill • Snuggle,” and it has cannabis suggestions for all the above.

Ed picked two excellent co-authors — Anna Foster and Mamakind — for Happy Buds, and it shows, both in the increased presence of female energy and perspectives, and in a more light-hearted approach than can be found in any of Rosenthal’s grow books and coffee-table bud volumes.
Whether you plan on going out to party and live it up, if you’re feeling a little down and need to let go of your cares, if you’re stressed out and need to slow down, or even if you need to focus on a complicated task, Happy Buds has a strain for you.

While even most casual users know the basic differences between indica (body stone, sedative, sleep aid) and sativa (head high, energetic, alert), within those two broad categories are literally thousands of combinations and gradations of effect, especially with the myriad of hybrids now on the scene.

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Happy Buds is all about the effects of these varieties and gives you a base of knowledge upon which to match buds with activities.
Readers are given guidance with up to five choices of strains that work best for more than 25 different occasions.
For instance, if your plans call for you to be outdoors, “great weed makes the awesomeness of our planet even more fascinating and profound,” Happy Buds tells us. The book goes on to suggest three strains of “Out and About” buds, three strains of “Naturist” buds, and three strains of “Beach” buds — not too shabby.
Suppose who decide upon Black Berry for your “Out and About” strain. “Black Berry high is upbeat and clear, with a quick onset and a tapering endurance,” the book tells us. “It is a functional smoke well suited to daytime activities and creates a more casual, unhurried sense of well-being, without impairing one beyond comfort in most social situations.”
But if you just need to take a little time out and find your center, Happy Buds can suggest three “Serenity” strains for you: DelaHaze, Blueberry, and Mandala #1.
Beyond that, it offers a few serenity-facilitating tips like “Share a bowl or joint to take a heated discussion down a few notches,” setting a visual mood with candlelight, or perhaps trying the serenity-inducing cannabis beverage bhang, a traditional Indian drink made by boiling crushed marijuana in water and milk for a few hours.
While the book may at times be a tad frustrating for readers who don’t live in medical marijuana states — after all, if you live in Alabama, it’s not exactly an option to run down to the corner dispensary and grab a quick eighth of A-Train — at least it provides, even for those readers, a window onto a better world where cannabis is available to those who want and need it.
If you’re a dedicated strain explorer like myself, you’ll get your money’s worth ($12.95 list price) from Happy Buds. And even if you don’t or can’t take any of the suggestions, it’s still an enjoyable and informative read.
You can get Happy Buds from Barnes & NobleAmazon, direct from the publisher, Quick Trading, or at your local independent bookseller.