Activist Claims Marijuana Prohibition To End November 5


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Richard Brumfield claims cannabis prohibition will end November 5, and that he’ll be in charge of all legal production in America. Dude has a healthy sense of self, at least; not so sure about his grip on reality, though.

​Richard Brumfield, a medical marijuana activist from California, is in a unique position — that is, if you believe him. Brumfield claims not only that he is in direct communication with the White House and the National Institute on Drug Abuse, but also that — oh yeah by the way — marijuana prohibition ends on November 5. Did I mention he’d be in charge of all production?

One might rightly ask why the mercurial Brumfield, who vehemently opposed California’s marijuana legalization measure Prop 19 in 2010, would be anointed to be in possession of such important information, rather than, say, letting President Obama or maybe Drug Czar Kerlikowske announce it.
But Brumfield, who if nothing else seems to have quite a healthy ego, insists on his Facebook page and elsewhere that he is the “newly appointed Chief Clinical Director of the IAMB/TbT group” (whatever that is), and further, that clinical trials of medicinal cannabis will begin on November 5, according to a press release from pot podcast Time 4 Hemp.

If Brumfield is to be believed, he has the blessings of both the White House and Vice President Joe Biden (yeah, he even included ol’ Joe in his claims), “along with the support of many organizations such as the National Institute of Health, R.E.A.D.[Editor’s note: ??], and NIDA.”

In fact, Brumfield made sure he publicly thanked the Commander In Chief on Facebook Tuesday, which, when you think about it, seems a rather strange way to communicate with your boss about something that hasn’t been officially announced yet:

Is this how you communicate highly sensitive material to your boss? No? Me, neither.

That’s not even the best of it, though. Richard claims he will be overseeing all legal cannabis production in America. Now, either he’s a megalomaniac, or I’m going to be eating my words on Saturday and looking like a chump. OK, OK, more of a chump.
When asked if his claims meant that farmers in the United States will finally be able to start growing the world’s biggest cash crop for medicinal and industrial purposes, Brumfield replied: “With the end of cannabis prohibition, you can bet that we will create millions of jobs across the country and in just a few short months America will be on its way to a full economic recovery.”

Working for God and Obama? Richard Brumfield

​Again, without producing any actual proof (or for that matter any evidence), Brumfield claims he will start working November 7 to “add Omega XI Protocols” (Omega XI is the brand name of one of the man’s cannabis oil products, and not the name of any government protocol) “into N.I.D.A. and begin stocking inventories of the newly introduced Liquid Cannabis Sativa Medicine OMEGA IX.”
“We will be signed [sic]up new individuals to join our WORLD-WIDE NEW CANNABIS STUDY on November 5th at 10:00am at 7265 Jurupa Ave Riverside, CA. 92504,” Brumfield posted on his Facebook wall Monday. “We will be give [sic]out FREE D.E.A. HANDLER LICENSES TO join in the STUDIES! WE ARE THEIAMB.” All of which must have sounded much more important in his head, before he typed that shit out on Facebook.
Brumfield claims the product will be tested on veterans for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and “is to be the first Large population study!” He now claims to be looking for doctors and clinical staff to assist him.
According to Brumfield, the University of Southern California has been chosen as the study research institution for the veterans/PTSD study, and get this: He also claims “FREE DEA HANDLER LICENSES will be given to everyone who joins these studies.”
Now, since there’s actually no such thing as a “DEA handler license,” we can only assume that Brumfield must mean a DEA Form 225, Application for Registration to conduct business with controlled substances. (These are definitely not something the DEA “gives away” lightly, and in case it’s not clear already, I am — you guessed it! — very skeptical of Brumfield’s claims and veracity.)
“GOD has blessed me to be a blessing to others,” Brumfield helpfully tells us in his Google+ profile. “HE has given to me the organic formula to cure all diseases. My new mission in life is to spread this healing, cure and preventative to the world.”
Brumfield is listed on LinkedIn as president at Full Spectrum Omega, Inc., which is “A Phytocannabinoids Medicine company the [sic]include both oral and topical. Non euphoric Phytocannabinoids products are currently in labeling and packaging stages. Distribution TBA.”
He’s also president at Pacific Coast Wellness and Evolution Center, Inc., which seems to be a medical marijuana dispensary. Besides, that, this busy man is listed as president of “PCWEC Counseling Center, Inc.,” which is apparently “A Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Counseling Center. We provide Crisis counseling, Talk Therapy, Drug Non-Diversion Class (PC1000/PROP36) Group counseling, Sober Living and Court Order Community Services.” Yeah, I know — WTF?!
Brumfield, along with a “Dr. Rena Stark,” will be “sharing all the details” when he is interviewed by always-excellent Time 4 Hemp host Casper Leitch and joint-host Paul Stanford
this Thursday, November 3.
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