Sexy Pizza Creates Pie To Benefit Law Enforcement Against Prohibition



​​The love affair between pizza and marijuana is no secret, so Denver-based Sexy Pizza thought it would use this culinary romance to raise funds for a group of law enforcement officials dedicated to reforming failed drug policies in America.

Sexy Pizza has created the “LEAP Pizza,” a Hawaiian-style pie with Canadian bacon, pineapple and mozzarella cheese, which will benefit Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP). In tribute to these brave cops who stand dedicated to the marijuana reform movement, Sexy Pizza said it will donate $1 from the purchase of each “LEAP Pizza” to their organization.

Kathleen Lavine/Denver Business Journal
Kayvan Khalatbari, Sexy Pizza: “The members of LEAP have chosen to use rational, reasonable thought in lieu of the failed philosophies of the drug war”

​​”Sexy Pizza is a proud supporter of marijuana law reform on every level, so to be able to offer this perpetual gift to the activists in law enforcement is truly an honor,” said Kayvan S.T. Khalatbari, owner of Sexy Pizza and a longtime supporter of marijuana reform efforts.
“The members of LEAP have chosen to use rational, reasonable thought in lieu of the failed philosophies of the drug war,” Khalatbari said. “These people see the pain this costly ‘war’ dishes out every day and they have chosen to speak up for what is right, not what is status quo.”
Sexy Pizza recently ran a successful advocacy campaign that reached nearly two million Americans after a Papa John’s delivery driver foolishly called the police on a father who was legally using medical marijuana in his own home. Sexy Pizza decided to offer the victim a free pizza per month until voters decide a 2012 Colorado marijuana regulation initiative.
That incident, along with the subsequent campaign, caught the attention of Jimmy Fallon, who ran a bit on his show that reached an estimated 1.8 million Americans.
Following up on the success of is last campaign, Sexy Pizza is using that momentum to assist other cannabis advocacy reform groups. LEAP is the perfect fit, playing a significant role in campaigning for the Colorado Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, an initiative that is asking voters to end marijuana prohibition in 2012 in Colorado.
“As a 36-year veteran of the Denver Police Department, I’m seen firsthand that the marijuana prohibition laws don’t do anything to reduce marijuana use, but do cause a host of other problems in our society,” said Tony Ryan, a LEAP board member and retired Denver police officer who is campaigning for the 2012 marijuana initiative.
“The donations generated by the new LEAP pizza will help us law enforcers end a policy that causes so much illegal market violence and wastes too many police resources,” Ryan said.
Sexy Pizza has also created pizzas for such marijuana reform groups as SAFER, Sensible Colorado and the Medical Marijuana Assistance Program of American (MMAPA). As usual, $1 from the purchase of each pizza is donated to the respective organizations.
“Kudos to the folks at Sexy Pizza for supporting LEAP and the countless law enforcement officials speaking out in support of ending marijuana prohibition,” said Mason Tvert, executive director of SAFER and a lead proponent for the marijuana regulation initiative. “They are invaluable members of our coalition and will play a critical role in the historic 2012 Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol.”
Sexy Pizza is located at 1018 E. 11th Avenue in Denver, serving the heart of Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.