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Cannabis Fantastic

​Two bills were introduced Friday in the Maryland House and Senate that would allow patients with certain qualifying conditions to use medical marijuana with doctors’ recommendations.

The bills, HB 1024 and HB 1148, are based on the recommendations of a study panel created by the Legislature in 2011 and were introduced in the state House by Del. Dan Morhaim. Senator Jamie Raskin is expected to sponsor similar legislation in the state Senate.
One version of the legislation, championed by state lawmakers on the work group, allows doctors to recommend medical marijuana to their patients who could then purchase it from licensed dispensaries, all of which would be overseen by an independent commission.

Revolution Live

​The 14th Annual Medical Marijuana Benefit Concert will be held Sunday, February 19, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to raise funds for NORML of Florida (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), The Silver Tour, Patients Out of Time (POT) and PUFMM’s (People United For Medical Marijuana) campaign to protect medical marijuana patients’ rights. The event will be hosted by NORML of Florida, Ploppy Palace Productions and Revolution Live.

Currently a statewide campaign is underway to change the medical marijuana laws in Florida. There is legislation currently in both the state House and Senate — a first in 30 years! — as well as a statewide petition signature drive.
As part of the benefit concert — which will be a three-stage extravaganza — some of South Florida’s top bands, spoken word artists and community activists will join together to support patients’ right to use and physicians’ right to recommend medicinal cannabis.

Gwinnett County Jail
Bryan Brown is facing drug charges after a traffic stop on I-85 just north of Hamilton Mill Road. He says the officer who searched him “grabbed his dick.”

…​Gets Busted Anyway

A Georgia man is facing marijuana charges after a traffic stop on Interstate 85 just north of Lawrenceville.

On the afternoon of February 3, Bryan Brown, 21, was stopped by a Gwinnett County Police officer for tailgating another vehicle, reports Kristi Reed at the Dacula Patch. The officer approached the passenger side window of Brown’s car and claimed he detected the strong odor of marijuana. According to the police report, Brown “showed signs of nervousness,” including shaky hands and an unsteady voice.

Kyndra Miller
NORML Women’s Alliance West Coast Coordinator Kyndra Miller: “We need help everywhere”

​By Jack Rikess
Toke of the Town
Northern California Correspondent
The NORML Women’s Alliance is looking for many good women.
According to most every poll, cannabis use by mainstream America is on the rise, except for women — their numbers are stagnant. Men are 10 to 16 percent “higher” in their support of legalization and medical marijuana.
The Women’s Alliance is a on a quest to change that. 
This coming weekend I have the pleasure of tagging along with NORML Women’s Alliance as they bring their message to the High Times 2012 Medical Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles. Since its inception a few years ago, from New Jersey to the West Coast, the Women’s Alliance has been reaching out to women via networking groups, parties, movie screenings, conferences and where I first met them, in the streets of San Francisco, marching and protesting. 
When Obama last visited San Francisco, there was a huge demonstration organized by the medical marijuana community to protest the federal crackdown, a complete about-face by the administration, forcing the closure of California dispensaries and blocking safe access to medicine.