School’s Employee Of The Year Nominee Arrested For Marijuana


Central Florida News 13
Susan Mercurio, nominee for school district employee of the year, was arrested for marijuana and what cops claimed was a “meth pipe”

‚ÄčA Sumter County, Florida school employee who was in the running for employee of the year has been arrested for drugs.

According to Central Florida News 13, Groveland Police said Susan Mercurio, a teacher’s aide at Bushnell’s West Street High School, was caught with marijuana and what they claim is a meth pipe.
Since it was weed that Mercurio had, I’m guessing that it was could have been just a pot pipe and that the cops are either clueless about what, exactly, constitutes a “meth pipe,” or they are, as would be typical of so many of their brethren in blue, slimy liars who just want to make the suspect look as bad as possible.

It’s probably safe to say at this point, though, that Mercurio’s nomination for the school district’s employee of the year award may not be going anywhere.