‘Not My Kid’ Bemoans Teen Marijuana ‘Addiction’ and 420 Culture


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“Oh dear God… what if little Jimmy’s on WEEEEEEED?!”

If you thought the laughable Reefer Madness hyperbole and tall tales were a thing of the past — a relic, perhaps, of your 20th Century schooling — think again.

The extremist anti-drug group “notMYkid,” just in time for the 4/20 holiday this year, is indulging in the same, lame rhetoric of the past century, darkly mentioning in a Tuesday press release, “With nearly 40,000 drug-related deaths each year, ‘National Weed Day’ can be the start down a tragic path.”
They somehow seem to have forgotten a couple of things, notably, (1) NONE of those 40,000 deaths is attributable to marijuana, and in fact NO death EVER in human history is directly attributable to cannabis; and (2) most of those 40,000 drug deaths aren’t even due to illegal drugs at all — but instead represent overdoses on legal pharmaceuticals manufactured by, surprise, surprise! — the same Big Pharma giants who fund this nonsensical anti-pot propaganda in the first place.

Parents In Control

Just sample a bit of this high drama into which they expect you to buy:
When Richard was 18 he tried marijuana for fun with a new group of friends. In the weeks that followed, he tried ecstasy, cocaine and meth. Within a month of smoking pot for the first time, he was doing heroin — and his parents had no idea. Over time, he went from successful student and competitive dancer to fugitive, then inmate. His family feared he was dead.
There are probably far too many things wrong with that deeply fucked up paragraph to address them all, short of writing a book, but among them are the facts the cannabis, contrary to being a gateway drug, has been shown to be more of an exit drug, that is, it is effective in facilitating cessation of use of harder substances. Also worth mentioning is that the only negative consequences mentioned — “fugitive, then inmate” — are due to the illegality of drugs under the present prohibition regime.
Be that as it may, notMYkid wants you to be scared — very scared — about the upcoming 4/20 holiday, and the “fact” that a particular calendar date is going to reach out and grab your kids and make them start toking down like a bunch of little Snoop Doggs.

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Until they got on weed — just last month! — they were all members of the church choir. Honest!

“On April 20 (420), also known as ‘National Weed Day,’ [come on, really? who the actual fuck calls it that?]many kids around the world will try marijuana for the first time and parents need to understand the profound risks.”
There’s not much actual profound risk involved in that scenario, of course, other than the profound risk of parents freaking the fuck out over a harmless plant, and kids getting their innocent asses thrown in the slammer for possessing it.
But never mind the evil weed; notMYkid is here as your ally against this devilish drug and they’re ready to brainwash, er, equip you with the information you “need” to deal with this horrible crisis.
“The term 420 is the universal code for marijuana use and April 20 has become a counterculture holiday celebrating its use,” we are given to understand in the notMYkid press release, which seems to have been written by an ADHD-wracked 12-year-old, although we were unable to confirm that at press time. “notMYkid educates parents and encourages them to take action to protect their kids with information.”

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Debbie and Steve Moak, cofounders, notMYkid

“Talking to your kids is only the first step,” claimed anti-pot wingnut Debbie Moak, founder of notMYkid and a mother who chooses to blame marijuana, rather than her own inadequate parenting skills, for her son’s addiction.
“We need parents to take action by getting on the same page, setting consistent boundaries, testing their kids, participating in their lives and most importantly, serving as positive role models,” Moak offers, sounding almost reasonable for one brief moment before she plunges headlong into drooling batshit insanity again. 
“Through years of experience, notMYkid has found utilizing a drug test in the home helps kids avoid peer pressure situations by empowering them to says ‘I can’t, my parents might drug test me,’ ” Moak claims.
Now, make sure you’re following along closely here, because it seems that Debbie Moak just said giving your kid potentially damaging messages like “We don’t trust you” and “Big Brother is watching” is good for family life. Such are the joys of prohibition logic!
So, anyway, to improve your family life and foster communication with, I mean piss test your kids, notMYkid (through partnerships with Rural/Metro, “a leading provider of private ambulance and fire protection services,” and First Check, “the leader in home diagnostic testing” [kaCHING, was wondering when that would come in], will distribute thousands of “free home drug tests” on Thursday, April 19 — that’s right the day before 4/20.
The donation is supposedly worth “more than $250,000,” although its cost in broken trust and recrimination isn’t quite so easy to calculate.
“As 911 responders, our work focuses on the health and safety of the citizens we are called to serve, and it breaks our hearts to see kids lose their lives to drugs,” said Rural/Metro President and CEO Michael DiMino, who is lying his ass off if he’s even trying to imply he’s ever seen a kid lose his life to weed. “We have chosen to partner with notMYkid to serve, educate and protect families and to encourage parents to take a proactive stance when it comes to teens and drugs.”
For what they claim is “more information on 420, the warning signs of teen drug addiction and advice on developing a family drug prevention plan,” but what really is a concentrated essence of stupidity that will either make you laugh uproariously or piss you the hell off, visit www.notMYkid.org.
While you’re polluting your brain with this bullshit site, you might want to take the time to drop them a few lines of feedback about the fact that they’re promoting lies and distrust as a family way of life, when telling the truth about cannabis would be so much better for everyone involved. You can do that by visiting their “Contact Us” page here.