Police Say Dealer Had 89 Bags Of Hard Drugs Tied To His Penis


Philadelphia Inquirer
Ray Woods had 89 bags of heroin and cocaine tied to his penis. He urinated on the police officer who removed them.

Suspect Urinated On Police Officer As The Drugs Were Removed

When police officers noticed an “large bulge” in 23-year-old Ray Woods’ groin area after they stopped him last weekend for a traffic violation, the man had the balls to insist “it was nothing.”

But the officers found some marijuana in the vehicle, and Woods, of Philadelphia, was placed under arrest for possession. He caught an additional charge of possessing drugs with intent to distribute after officers claimed they later found 89 individual bags of suspected heroin and cocaine tied to his penis following a search at the Folcroft, Pennsylvania police station, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer.

It was, in fact, hard drugs the police officers found tied to Woods’ penis, and not marijuana as was erroneously reported by The Raw Story.
“He stopped him for the traffic violation and one thing led to another,” said Police Corporal Christopher Eiserman, a 14-year veteran of the force who allowed he’d never seen anything like it.

The 89 smaller bags of smack and coke were contained within one large bag tied to Woods’ genitals, according to the touchy-feely officers.
When Corporal Eiserman tried to remove the drugs from Woods’ penis, things got messy.
“I tried to remove it,” Eiserman said. Unfortunately, and I don’t know if it was nervousness or not, but he started urinating all over.”
“In 14 years, I’ve seen it down their pants, in their ass, but I’ve never seen it tied to their penis,” Eiserman said. “I couldn’t believe it. I guess they figure the police officers aren’t going to check down in that area.”
Woods wasn’t charged for urinating on Corporal Eiserman.
“I don’t think he did it intentionally,” said the blue-uniformed golden shower recipient. “I think he was nervous; he knew the jig was up.”