Two Men Sentenced To Death For 3/4 Ounce Marijuana


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A 19-year-old Syrian and a 21-year-old British man were sentenced to death in the United Arab Emirates on Monday for allegedly selling marijuana to an undercover policeman.

The Briton’s mother collapsed outside Criminal Court in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., after the verdict was announced as the Syrian’s mother tried to comfort her, telling her they could appeal the decision, reports Haneen Dajani at The National.

The two young men were caught after an officer posing as a customer bought 20 grams (about three-quarters of an ounce) of cannabis for Dh1,500 (just over $400 American). The officer had earlier bought Dh500 ($136) worth to test it and confirm it was actually marijuana.

A Sudanese man was also sentenced to one year in jail and deportation for using cannabis, while a 17-year-old resident of United Arab Emirates was sent away to rehab for smoking weed.
Defense lawyers had attacked the credibility of the police investigations, because the supposed “witness” didn’t even know the address of the defendants.
The witness also claimed that the Syrian asked the Briton to get him the drugs from the car in Arabic, which lawyers said did not make sense. Moreover, the attorney said, the two men were speaking in English, which the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officer did not understand.