Cannabis Cures Cancer: Look At Me, I’m Cancer Free!


Sharon Letts

By Sharon Letts
After just a few weeks of ingesting raw cannabis and taking Nternal oil at night, the spider-web-like mass found in my left breast during both a mammogram and subsequent ultra-sound, was nowhere to be found during the first scheduled biopsy. 
While there was still a target point for a biopsy, and the oncologist wanted to proceed, I made a deal and bought another month of time. I continued to ingest a green drink made with cannabis in a blender daily, and began ingesting RSO (Rick Simpson Oil), also known as Phoenix Tears, nightly.
During the second scheduled biopsy one month later, the “target point” was gone, with the attending physician declaring, “No biopsy needed.”

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Sharon Letts wrote this article for Toke of the Town

Technical Error
The attending ultrasound technician (also attending during the first scheduled biopsy) wrote it off as a “technical error” on the part of both the initial mammogram technician and the ultra-sound technician prior.
The thing is, as written in the two previous essays, I too saw the spider-web-like mass with my own eyes, peering over both technicians shoulders. I remember saying to the mammogram technician, “Wow, that looks like a spider-web,” not having done the research yet, and being unaware of what Lobular Carcinoma looked like. 
Sadly, the medical community’s hands are tied when it comes to acknowledging cannabis as a cure for cancer. As long as our federal government has it scheduled with heroin, including it in its miserably failed “War On Drugs,” how can they? 
60 Grams In 90 Days
Just after my own biopsy, Corrie Yelland, a cannabis patient in British Columbia, shared on Rick Simpson’s Facebook page that she, too, was cancer-free after receiving a two- to four-month death sentence for an inoperable tumor.

Sharon Letts
Big Pharma won’t be making this concentrate anytime soon

She said that after ingesting the highly concentrated RSO for the suggested dosage of 60 grams in 90 days her cancer is gone, and that her oncologist proceeded with a biopsy out of sheer disbelief, stating her cancer is 100 percent gone.
She was spared death; I was spared surgery, radiation, hair loss and more misery than I’d ever care to willingly be put through.
It pains me that women are being put under the knife this minute for cancer when we have this simple cure.
DIY Doctor
But, plant-based homeopathies have been popular for decades now.
More than cannabis cures our common ailments. Cinnamon has been proven to lower high blood sugars common to diabetes; and simple supplements like calcium and garlic can lower blood pressure – bypassing damaging pharmaceuticals with debilitating side effects.
The bottom line is diet and exercise alone prevents or turns around most of our modern ailments – heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and some forms of chronic pain are all symptoms of a sedentary lifestyle, barren of whole foods, or even the knowledge of how to cook a real meal.
Physician, Heal Thyself
Cannabis won’t cure cancer on its own. We must heal ourselves with this medicinal botanical created by God, Allah or Mother Earth – whomever you’d like to give credit to. 

Sharon Letts

As Clint Werner so aptly states, until 1942, cannabis was on the U.S. list of medicinal botanicals. It was used in salves and oils for centuries, globally and Biblically. Jesus healed with anointing oil – and it wasn’t Canola, that’s for damn sure.
Big Pharma won’t be making this concentrate any time soon. For one, the base is a plant and they can’t patent a plant, so there’s no money, per se, to be made. That’s a fact.
We need to heal ourselves first. The minute I write this I am filled with dread, as local food issues have been a passion of mine for some years now, and I know in my heart that humans growing food is a natural and necessary occurrence that we’ve completely lost sight of.
Big Box Bullshit
We allow our food producers to line big-box markets with products made with inedible Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs — corn and soy mainly, developed to withstand Monsanto’s chemical bug-killer, “Round-Up.”

Sharon Letts

Our food is grown on huge expanses of land – mono cultures stripped of nutrients in a few seasons. By the time the stuff gets to the market it’s no longer food. It’s as empty and barren as the land it was grown on.
They are ripping us off and we let them. I mean, after all, those 17 different “flavor enhancers” mimicking salt and sugar taste good, right?
Empty carbs are as addicting as that first line of meth, or cheap porn.
Back To What Land?
We don’t grow our own food anymore. During World War II humans proved they could in any small patch of land, with “Victory Gardens,” so we know it can be done, and well. 
Travel through any European town you’ll see every inch of land and window box taken up with gardens of food and flowers, but that’s a rarity in the U.S. Our food makers charmed us out of the garden long ago with that first can of green beans.
Grow Your Own
So, how are we to grow cannabis to save our lives? And why am I so fired up about growing our own?
Because it’s not a matter of if we get cancer any longer, it’s a matter of when. All the sunscreen and organic produce in the world won’t change the
fact that DDT stays in a genetic blood line for up to five generations that we know of.
My cancer scare has come and gone with little fanfare. Cannabis made it a moot point. I’m still taking the RSO at night, as it helps me sleep through my menopause misery. I’m also ingesting my green smoothie daily, as it helps with metabolism and digestive issues from thyroid disease. 
I have a bag of fresh leaves stored in the freezer for winter, and have been assured that its strength has been tested to last for effect. Friends have frozen the juice in ice cube trays, but with my digestive issues I leave the fiber in.
Making a Difference
Knowledge is power. Cannabis is not an issue of crime; it’s a matter of education. Google “cannabis cures cancer,” learn the truth and get involved.
Until the words come from our mouths the truth will not be heard – and our lives depend on it.
That’s a fact.

Sharon Letts

Editor’s note: Sharon Letts began her love of gardening in Southern California by her mother’s side, watching as she buried fish heads at the base of roses.

At 24, Sharon hung her shingle, “Secret Garden,” planting flower beds for dainty ladies. Gardening led to producing and writing for television with “Secret Garden Productions.”

Today Sharon makes her home in Humboldt County, cannabis capitol of the world, where she continues to write about gardening and all that implies, advocating for the bud, and writing for many magazines, including Toke of the Town.

Her series, “Humboldt Stories,” is a fictional account, based on fact, of the Humboldt grow scene. Tag line: “It’s not Weeds, it’s real.”

She also pens “Road Trip: In Search of Good Medicine,” touring the Golden State, following the Green Rush.