California Man Fortifies His Medical Marijuana Greenhouse


It’s no secret that people like cannabis. If you’re growing marijuana, the specter of rip-offs is almost certainly on your list of big concerns, and it may well be near the top worry.
Add in the increasingly restrictive regulations on medical cannabis cultivation being imposed in many California communities, and it’s just not easy for patients — who already have plenty to worry about — to provide for their own needs when it comes to herbal medication.

But one Yuba City man says he’s found the solution, reports Gabriel Roxas at News 10.

News 10
Retired truck driver Jim Burris credits cannabis for helping him with medical problems ranging from cancer to spinal cord issues
“All the media coverage so far haws been gang grows, dispensary raids,” said retired truck driver Jim Burris. Asked if he’s a gang member, Burris laughingly said, “No, not at 68 years old.”
Burris credits cannabis for helping him with medical problems ranging from cancer to spinal cord issues. As a fixed-income senior citizen, he said he has to grow his own marijuana to save money.
So when Yuba City banned outdoor cannabis cultivation, Burris had to find a way to keep his homegrown medical harvest and follow the law at the same time.
He came up with the idea of a fortified greenhouse. His greenhouse uses a translucent cover which prevents anyone from seeing inside, but allows in sunlight. In addition, there’s a charcoal air filtration system to take care of the distinctive scent of cannabis.
Most importantly of all, a six-foot-high chain-linbk fence is anchored to the ground and secured with a locked door, providing the framework that Burris says deters “crimes of opportunity.”
“Yuba City made an honest attempt to accommodate patients in being able to grow outdoors in the sunlight,” Burris generously assessed. “They made reasonable requests that it be under lock and key, out of sight, and odor-free.”
Burris said he hopes other communities will take similar approaches, rather than heed extremist calls to ban medical marijuana cultivation entirely. And he’s even working with a manufacturer to mass-produce the fortified greenhouses and distribute them nationwide.
“I have a year to get in the forms to make it a legitimate, full-blown patent,” Burris said.
Oaksterdam Cannabis Museum officials said they plan to include a scale model of Burris’s SecureGrow greenhouse at their facility in Oakland.