Incoming! Marijuana Fired In Cannon From Mexico To U.S.


U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Border Patrol agents said this was an unsuccessful attempt — but how many times had it worked before this attempt?

More than 30 cans of marijuana totaling 85 pounds were fired via cannon from Mexico into Yuma, Arizona, Customs and Border Protection officials said on Tuesday.

The cans of cannabis were discovered near the Colorado River in Yuma on Friday, reports Lauren Steussy at NBC San Diego.
The discovery was “another unique but unsuccessful attempt” to smuggle drugs, according to Border Patrol agents.

Of course, what those agents aren’t telling you, is that this could have been the 100th or 1,000th time this scheme has been tried — and the first time it was stymied.
An investigation determined that the cans of cannabis were fired from aqbout 500 feet away with a pneumatic-powered cannon. A carbon-dioxide tank was also found nearby.
Mexican authorities are reportedly investigating, as well.
Seized on the U.S. side was 85 pounds of marijuana, which the cops claimed was worth $42,500, meaning they’re estimating the dirt weed would have gone for $500 a pound.
The Mexi-schwag will be destroyed, according to Customs officials.