Kansas mice outsmart police, steal marijuana from evidence locker



According to the late, great Peter Tosh, goats, birds fowls and ants all love marijuana. We can also add mice to that list after a nest of them burrowed into the Wichita, Kansas police evidence locker and made their home in a few bales of marijuana leftover from a 2009 raid.

The discovery was made last week when police noticed the holes in the evidence bags. Police say there was minor amounts missing, leading them to believe the mice probably ate the buds. The police even went so far as to say marijuana is usually an attractant for all sorts of animals due to the enticing smells.


“We’ve got some mice that are stoners,” Police Lt. Doug Nolte told reporters at a mock press conference (editors note: that, or they’ve got some clever pot-smoking cops who know how to stage a mouse break-in). Police even had a sketch artist draw up the suspect, seen above and in the video below. It all would be cute if there weren’t other crimes in Wichita that these guys could be using their resources on.
At least the ganja-eating mice got away. The punishment for possession of any amount in Kansas can be up to one year and $2,500 in fines. Distribution to their little Stuart Little friends could net up to 5 years in prison and $300,000 in fines. That’s a lot of cheese. Add to that burglary, which in Kansas carries just less than three years in prison – not to mention it was a police facility, which would certainly enhance sentencing.
I’m not joking either, I wouldn’t put it past cannabis-hating district attorneys in Kansas to actually prosecute the little fur balls to set an example.
Instead, the police have taken the law into their own hands and these herb thieving mice are getting a much harsher punishment: death. The Wichita police have called in an exterminator to solve their problem.