Scottish TV writer busted for receiving herb mailed from USA (VIDEO)


Still from BBC’s Hedz.

Scotland’s Austin Low, known for his work as a writer on a children’s TV show, was mailed a box of “cookies” from somewhere on this side of the pond the other week. Only, the “cookies” weren’t cookies. They were several sealed bags of ganja. Though the report doesn’t say how much was found, they did say it was enough to be worth nearly $14,000 over there, according to the BBC.

Low has won awards from the British Academy of Film and Television arts for his work on Scottish children’s show, Hedz. It’s a show that mocked pop culture by putting huge cardboard photographs of famous people’s heads onto the bodies of regular actors.
It is like a live-action South Park, but nowhere near as edgy (or funny). Still, watch just a few minutes of one of their shows and you realize the writers had to have been high to come up with some of their material. As seen below:

The UK Border Agency discovered the package and set up a sting to bust Low. Instead of the ganja, they re-packed the box with bags of sugar and a light/motion detector. The Herald reports that Low was supposed to be receiving an award when the sensors in the package went off. Low was arrested as his home in Glasgow.
Mostly, this story was interesting because the herb wasn’t coming from the usual European suspect: Amsterdam. Instead, Low must be on to some nice, sticky greens here in the USA (and have a good, good friend). Unfortunately, their plan didn’t work out this time. No word on which state the package came from, but our money is on California.
According to, the maximum penalty for trafficking in Scotland is 14 years, and the maximum penalty for possession is two years. Low will be sentenced next month, according to Scottish officials. Here’s hoping he doesn’t face any prison time, and that he eventually moves over to a more cannabis-friendly state in the U.S.