English soccer team uses confiscated ganja grow lights to grow grass in stadium


Wikipedia commons.
Meadow Lane stadium.

The oldest soccer club in the world apparently has some problems growing grass (the legal kind) on their field during the winter.
League One Notts County F.C. was founded in 1862 and has been playing at the Meadow Lane stadium since 1910. Apparently, the technology at the stadium isn’t very new either and keeping the pitch green has been a challenge for some time.

The English love their soccer to no end, so the local police force came up with a solution: use confiscated cannabis grow lights to help heat up the ground and provide a few thousands watts of light to the field that is shaded of by the grandstands from about October through February.
Police donated the thousands of dollars in lights were set to be crushed and destroyed and local university students designed the rigs by which the lights will be hung using donated wheels from a local golf club and used soccer goal posts.
Greg Smith, who manages the stadium, tells Fox Sports that the lights were a much-needed gift and he’s glad they were spared from destruction. Similar lighting rigs for fields can cost nearly $22,000 a piece.
While we are all for sports here at Toke, the story doesn’t seem like the win-win scenario pitched by British reporters to us. Somewhere, some person is likely sitting in jail while the lights they once used to grow ganja are now being used to support a field where alcohol-sponsored teams get to enjoy freedom while boozed-up fans get to near-riot levels.

A much better use of grow lights.