Mexican pot smugglers blast marijuana into U.S. with a cannon

Artist rendition of weed cannon.

It’s almost something out of an old Wile E. Coyote cartoon. But unlike Acme cannons this one worked, and it was launching cannabis instead of a cartoon carnivore. The Mexicali Public Safety Department Tuesday say they confiscated a pneumatic gun used to shoot bales of herb and other drugs into the United States.
And they’ve been doing it for some time.

Mexicali Public Safety Department.
Actual weed cannon.

Just look at that thing for a second. Marvel at the ingenuity. For those who don’t speak Home Depot, it’s basically a massive industrial PVC drain pipe shoved into the ass end of what looks like a hot water heater or a propane tank. The whole thing is apparently powered by an old car engine-turned-air compressor. It’s like a potato gun on steroids with a career in smuggling shitty weed.
The gun allegedly could fire up to 28 pounds of herb across the border and over a fence(or cocaine or whatever they wanted to fire over that day). Police in the U.S. were tipped off only after noticing several tube-shaped loads in recent raids. No word on how long the ganja grenade launcher had been in operation.
This isn’t the first drug-blasting cannon border authorities have found. In December of last year a cannon in Arizona was busted after blasting 33 two-pound barrels of marijuana up to 500 feet into the U.S. California authorities have also discovered cannons in the past. From best we can tell, though, this is the largest one to date.
While extremely funny and borderline awesome – it’s also extremely sad; this is exactly the type of shit that our failing drug policies in this country promote. Instead of starving that market by allowing Americans the freedom to cultivate cannabis, we create entire criminal industries that have to resort to Dr. Evil-like techniques to get their crap herb over here.
Smoke local whenever possible, friends.