Washington D.C. medical marijuana dispensary opening next month


Taking over an old Curves Gym location on North Capitol Street just thirteen blocks north of the Capitol Reflecting Poool, Capital City Care is set to be the first medical marijuana dispensary to open in Washington D.C. roughly three years after medical marijuana laws were passed in the district. Capital City owners say they’ll open sometime mid-April with four strains, hash and a few accessories for patients. You read that: four strains.

Capital City Care owners say a quarter-ounce will sell for between $100 and $120. So, it’s really not much better than buying a quarter of herb on the street on the east coast financially. Hopefully the prices drop for D.C. like they have out west, though.
Washington D.C.’s medical marijuana law – which was approved in 2010 – does not allow Patients grow their own medicine and will be allowed to purchase up to two ounces at a time from dispensaries.
According to the Washington Post, medical marijuana laws in D.C. require plants to be in the ground for at least two months but also limit grow operations for the state’s four dispensaries to no more than 95 plants. Applications for dispensaries had to – among many other things – describe how they would be able to maintain a steady supply of cannabis as well as what specific strains they are going to grow.

Inside Capital City Care.

As for the risk of opening up a marijuana shop under the noses of the federal government that still considers medical marijuana illegal, Capital City Care founder tells the Post that he’s concerned – but says he’s putting patients first.
“You have to remember marijuana is considered a Schedule 1 drug,” he said. “But our thought is — and we’ve given it a lot of thought — that we’re doing this for the patients. It is a risk that we run, but we do have a very tightly run program.”
Below, check out a news report on the dispensary from WJLA Channel 7 in DC.