Fox News study shows overwhelming support for medical marijuana in U.S.


You know the scales are tipping in favor of reasonable cannabis laws when Fox News polls agree with cannabis supporters.
That’s the case this week with a survey showing 85 percent of Americans would approve of people legally using medical marijuana with a physicians recommendation.

The poll, conducted in February, called 1,010 random phones (landlines and cell phones) from each state. The number of phone calls in each state depended on the number of registered voters, with higher voter number states receiving more calls.
The poll was relatively evenly split between Democrats (42 percent), Republicans (38 percent), with only 15 percent dubbing themselves independent or of no political affiliation. Overwhelmingly Democrats favored both medical marijuana legalization and outright legalization more than Republicans- though it should be noted that 80 percent of Republicans polled were in favor of medical legalization.
This isn’t the first time those numbers have come out in favor of medical marijuana. In fact, polls going back as far as March of 2001 showed that nearly 80 percent of voters polled would condone medical cannabis laws.
Sadly, it seems that many of those in favor of legal medical marijuana don’t always think it is going to patients. When asked whether people who get medical marijuana cards get it for medical reasons or to simply smoke cannabis, only 30 percent agreed that it’s being used for medical reasons. Forty-seven percent said it was just an excuse to get high.
The study also asked if people opposed or favored legalizing marijuana outright, with 49 percent opposed and 46 percent in favor. That would imply that less than half the country thinks marijuana should remain illegal while about 6 percent are still undecided.
Despite the disagreement on outright legalization, he majority of respondents overwhelmingly agreed that it’s more dangerous to drive a car after drinking alcohol (51 percent) than it is to drive a car after smoking herb (4 percent).