Canadian company has medical marijuana monopoly

Prairie Plant Systems garden.

One company so far has a monopoly on medical cannabis production in Canada after receiving the first two federal licenses to grow the herb this week.
Starting in April, medical marijuana patients in Canada are barred from growing their own medicine thanks to a law passed last year. All cannabis has to be produced from a licensed supplier.

Prairie Plant Systems and CanniMed Ltd., both owned by the same company, will be able to cultivate up to three different kinds of cannabis.
The trio of strains will be selected based on their potency. According to a press release from the company, the strains will have the generic-monikers of “CanniMed® 17.1, CanniMed® 12.0 and CanniMed® 9.9.”
The move isn’t surprising, considering PPS and CanniMed have already been the sole provider for medical cannabis for Canada’s health department for more than a decade.
According to, it is unclear when sales to licensed patients will begin.