NJ medical marijuana patient sues Gov. and state for sabotaging MMJ program


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and state officials have purposefully dragged their feet and botched the handling of the state’s medical marijuana program in an attempt to sabotage it.
That’s the argument being heard today in state appeals court in a lawsuit filed by medical marijuana patient Richard Caporusso, according to NJ.com.

According to Caporusso’s attorneys, in order to access medicine he Caparusso has to drive 166 miles to a dispensary in Montclair. That wouldn’t have happened if the state wasn’t taking so damn long to approve any more dispensaries.
The lawsuit, co-signed by a New Jersey physician, says that state health officials have failed to write annual reports on the program as required by state law. Those reports are needed by patients in order to prove a need for access. The health department is also in charge of adding additional medical conditions to the list of qualifying ailments for medical cannabis.
According to NJ.com, the state has already tried to have the case thrown out, but a Superior Court judge refused and sent the case to the appellate court.
We’ll have more on the lawsuit and decision tomorrow at Toke of the Town. In the meantime, enjoy this oddly-appropriate summation of the sabotage lawsuit written some 20 years before it happened: