Rally planned for Washington man denied access to his daughter because of medical marijuana use


Moms for Marijuana International
Billy Fisher and daughter.

to various press releases, Billy Fisher was in the middle of a custody battle with the child’s biological mother who Billy Fisher argues was creating n unsafe environment for his daughter.
The story isn’t entirely clear, but based on Mom’s for Marijuana International reports, it sounds like the baby and mother are in contact with a man who allegedly sexually abused the mother when she was a teenager. Understandable then whey a father would want to remove his daughter from that type of situation. But because Billy Fisher is a registered medical marijuana patient and cannabis activist in Washington, he has been denied custody and can only see his daughter during supervised visits.

Supporters of Billy Fisher, including Mom’s For Marijuana International will be holding a rally on October 3 in support. See the press release below.
From Mom’s For Marijuana:

Serra Frank, the Founding Executive Director of Moms for Marijuana International, will be hosting a press conference with her partner, Billy Fisher, on October 3, 2013 in front of the Spokane County Court House.
This press conference is to bring awareness about the nationwide issue with CPS and Cannabis Consuming parents, and focus on the local issue regarding the fight for Billy’s daughter, Lilly Fisher, in Washington State.
Billy is currently fighting CPS for custody of his daughter after begging for help to save her from an extremely unsafe situation. CPS refuses to give custody to Billy and cite their primary concern to be his use of marijuana as medicine, and now are focusing upon his newly found Activism.
Billy has a Revision hearing at 1:30 pm on that day, to request the Superior Court to revise Spokane Family Law Commissioner Jolicoeur’s recent order that demands that Billy quit using Medical Marijuana for his Degenerative Disc Disease while submitting to inpatient treatment for Cannabis Dependency for 30 days, as well as random UAs during 2 years of after care.
Washington Law, RCW 69.51A.120, protects Billy Fisher’s parental rights as a medical marijuana patient in compliance with that chapter. Commissioner Jolicoeur is ignoring Washington State Law, and forcing Billy Fisher to forgo due process and his parental rights in order to obtain custody of his baby girl from State dependency.
Billy’s little girl was NEVER taken from him, and he has done NOTHING wrong that would justify the commissioner’s ruling, much less the threat of permanent adoption of his baby if he does not comply.
CPS policy regarding Marijuana use is illogically based on the assumption of harm, from a drug and a plant that cannot harm anyone. It is unethical, to force anyone to stop a medical treatment that is working, and go back to one that has already failed… just to be allowed to be a parent.
And it is irrational to insist that Billy be locked up for inpatient rehab for his MEDICINE, especially in a state where citizens just voted to STOP LOCKING PEOPLE UP FOR MARIJUANA.
Please join us in support of our founder Serra Frank, Billy Fisher and The Fight for Lilly Fisher.
Rally starts at 11:00am, with press conference starting at 11:30am – on Thursday October 3, 2013 – directly in front of the Spokane County Court House.
Bring a sign, an empty stroller or car seat, or just your warm body and help rally in support.
Everyone is welcome to stick around for the hearing at 1:30pm in the presence of the honorable John Cooney.
If you cannot join us in person, please call the court house, email, or fax your thoughts to the Presiding Judge in this case.
Phone: (509) 477-2211
(509) 477-5784
Fax: (509) 477-2251
Email: [email protected]
Re: William Fisher & Jerah Mia Martin (Lilly Fisher)
Learn more about the Fight for Lilly Fisher at www.facebook.com/fight4lilly
You can help fund an attorney for Billy & Lilly by donating at this link ——-> https://www.wepay.com/donations/the-fight-for-lilly-fisher