Florida marijuana legalization debate expected to draw large crowds, protesters



The organizers of an upcoming debate about the legalization of marijuana in Florida say that they are expecting overflow crowds, protests, and extra police. The head of Students for a Sensible Drug Policy will debate a UF professor who has advised three presidents. The event is set to take place at Palm Beach State College October 30.
Medicinal marijuana is already legal in 20 states, and Colorado and Washington have both legalized the wacky weed for recreational use as well. It’s very possible that medical marijuana could be on the ballot in Florida for 2014. United for Care has already gathered almost double the 68,000 votes needed to trigger a state Supreme Court review of language for a referendum. The group needs 683,149 signatures to get it on the ballot, and 60 percent of voters would need to approve it for it to pass. Broward-Palm Beach New Times has the full story.