Former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss busted (again) for marijuana


Heide Fleiss in her most recent mugshot.

For the second time this year, former Hollywood madam Hedi Fliess has been busted for marijuana near her home in Pahrum, Nevada.
Nye County Sheriff’s deputies say they stopped Fleiss’ Toyata Land Cruiser about 3:30 Tuesday morning and found her to allegedly be under the influence “of a controlled substance”. That gave them probable cause to search her car, where they found a quarter pound of herb and about $10,000 in cash.

Back in August, Fleiss was charged with a handful of marijuana crimes after cops say they found roughly 400 plants at her home and a nearby residence. She said at the time that the plants were for a Las Vegas medical marijuana dispensary but admitted that she didn’t have the proper paperwork to be a caregiver. She was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to sell, possession of drug paraphernalia and maintaining a home where drugs are sold.
She wasn’t arrested in August, as police felt sorry for the nearly $200,000 worth of exotic birds that Fleiss was caring for at the time. This time, she wasn’t so lucky. Cops arrested her on intent to sell charges, driving with a suspended registration and driving without insurance. She is currently being held on a $22,000 bail.
According to The Las Vegas Sun, Fleiss was ironically scheduled to appear in court today on her August charges.
For those too young to remember, Fleiss once ran a high-profile prostitution ring in Hollywood with clients, the most well-known is likely actor Charlie Sheen. Fleiss never revealed her entire client list, but many studio big-wigs were alleged to have had her on speed dial. She was busted in 1993 and served about two years in jail on tax evasion charges.