Marijuana smugglers crash boat onto popular Calif. nude beach and surf spot


Wikipedia commons/Simon.

A twenty-foot boat filled with 80 pounds of dirt weed from Mexico capsized in plain view of some butt-nekkid beachgoers and surfers near Santa Cruz, California yesterday.
The capsized boat washed ashore around 11 a.m. Monday, according to police. At least, that’s when distress calls came in from concerned beachgoers about a crew of a small boat drowning.

The captain and crew members – clearly not distracted by the dongs and boobs surrounding them – offloaded about 80 pounds of pot before running away.
Of course, the news of the discovery had everyone and their mother showing up for a look: Cal Fire, state park rangers, California Highway Patrol, the U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Homeland Security. Despite all of those departments, no arrests were made. But a lot of cheap peeps at bare breasts were likely snuck.
Anyway, the weed was apparently dog shit compared to what Santa Cruz normally sees. The 80 pounds had a value of $96,000 according to police. So, just over $1,000 per-pound. In addition to the weed, the boat had several days worth of gasoline on board.
The crash was likely due in part to the huge surf break at the beach, known to local surfers as a pretty badass spot to get gnarly.
The beach was shut off during the investigation, allowing some of the bros to keep on shredding minus the usual crowds of gapers and spongers, brah.
Below, check out local TV news coverage from KTVU in Santa Cruz: