Former NFL WR Sam Hurd sentenced to 15 years in prison for talking like a coke dealer


Wikimedia commons/Robert W. Gordon.

Former NFL wide receiver Sam Hurd was sentenced yesterday to 15 years in federal prison, accused by the feds of being the kingpin behind a start up cocaine smuggling operation. The sentence is much lower than most expected.
Federal sentencing guidelines stipulated somewhere between 27 and 34 years. But U.S. District Judge Jorge Solis says Hurd was charged more with talking about being a cocaine dealer than ever actually being one.

We told you about Hurd yesterday after he made headlines telling Sports Illustrated that at least half of the NFL smokes cannabis and admitted to shipping weed and selling it to members of the Dallas Cowboys when he was on that team.
Hurd was busted in Chicago in 2011 after setting up a deal to buy several kilos of cocaine with an undercover agent. Hurd told the narc at one point that he was prepared to move 10 kilos of blow and 1,000 pounds of pot in Chicago and boasted that he was already moving several pounds of cocaine at the time. While on bail in Texas, he apparently tried to set up yet another weed and coke deal.
At the trial, Hurd begged for mercy from the judge, saying that he had a marijuana addiction and that he had lied about all of his past coke dealing just to sound big. “Everything I’ve done in relation to this case is a direct result of my marijuana addiction and would get me and lead me to more marijuana,” he said, according to the Chicago Tribune.
Hurd has to serve at least 85 percent of his time, which puts him out sometime around the fall of 2025 at the earliest as a 40-year-old man with no possibility of a redeeming back in the NFL to look forward to.
Solis called the cased a “tragedy”.