Nearly 1,000 apply for recreational marijuana licenses in Washington state


The Washington State Liquor Control Board yesterday announced the 929 applications to the state recreational marijuana program so far.
Included in that total are 444 grow operation applications, 327 cannabis processing licenses which include edibles manufacturers and 158 retail applications. In all, the state will license 334 marijuana stores, though they do not have a limit on growers or processing the state is putting a cap on the total amount of cannabis that can be produced overall.

According to state laws, licensees are allowed to hold both a processing and producing license, but retail licensees can only hold a retail license. In other words, you can’t be a grower and a seller. The state dips their hands in the pot at each level, taking a 25 percent excise tax at each level. State officials estimate the cost per-gram at the retail level to start at $12 before taxes.
Each application requires a $250 application fee on par with the state’s alcohol application fees. Colorado, on the other hand, requires thousands of dollars just to apply, then thousands more for the actual license.
Applications started being processed Nov. 18 and the deadline for all applications is Dec. 19.
The state hopes to have cannabis sales starting in the spring or early summer.