Top ten bong smashings and breakings on YouTube


It is a sad fact of cannabis life: glass bongs break despite the amount of care put into keeping them safe and operational. Sometimes it is an accident, other times it is on purpose but if you’ve got a bong there’s a good chance it is going to be reduced to rubble at some point in your lifetime.
Just hope you don’t have a friend their to capture it like the ten people below in our favorite bong breakage videos from YouTube.

10. “Why the fuck would you do that?!?”
For “getting” the camera operator a $525 fine and “theft 3” on his record, the guy takes his friend’s bong and smashes it. We don’t know the full story here, nor do we really care. Watching Jake nearly cry over the bong he’s had “for a year” being smashed. Not that we’re advocating destruction of private property as a means of revenge here, but you would think the guy could have broken a few more items to equal the $525 fine. That cheap bong couldn’t have been more than $100.

9. “It won’t break.”
The video is a little long, and you can fast forward through the middle section, but the payoff at the end is worth it. These geniuses buy a $150 “indestructible” bong made by Hurricane (note the carb hole in the back of the bong, we’re talking high class shit here). After three attempts to break it, the owner is convinced that if he drops it 15 feet out the window that it will survive. “It’s not gonna break! If it does, you’ll get a new one.” The camera operator says at one point. We highly doubt that. We would love to have seem the head shop owner the next day when they tried explaining why they were trying to exchange a used, broken bong for a new one.
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8. Bong Breaking Day
We’re not sure why August 7, 2012 was Bong Breaking Day for these bros, but they clearly take their made-up holidays seriously as this nearly three-minute slow-motion video set to Ave Maria. We’re guessing it was because all of the tubes were cheap Chinese glass rip-offs well pas their rubber grommet prime.

7. The Weight
You know it is coming the minute he puts the huge, heavy bowl into way-too-long downstem. Thankfully, he got one last rip out of his “Roor” before sending it to an early death by desktop while reaching to open the window to blow the hit out of what is either a dorm room or high school bedroom (note the library books). Impressively, narry a wimper is let out by this poor stoner. We would have been cursing up a storm.

6. The Weight II, return of heavy bowl
Much like the last video, this one features another stoner clueless as to the effects of gravity and physics. The first mistake is that ash-catcher he loads onto the bong is probably nearly as heavy as the bong itself. The second mistake was the HORRID glitchy dubstep he had playing over the stereo. Your bong didn’t break, dude. It committed suicide.
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5. “We should have taken that out before we did it”
These stoner geniuses ran up on a problem: how to keep the bong water cold. Their solution? Put the bong in the fridge (as opposed to filling it with, you know, cold water). Only problem is that the bong didn’t fit when they closed the door. To figure out why, these Einsteins put a camera phone in the fridge to capture the problem on video. What they caught instead was the horrified look of shock when their glass baby smashes to the ground.

4. “Did I do it?”
Careful: this video might make you angry. Two tweenage emo girls out for a walk in the woods come upon a bag that someone had hidden with a bong inside. They proceed to smash said bong for no real reason other than they don’t smoke marijuana themselves and their parent’s didn’t teach them to respect someone else’s property that has clearly been hidden away. Our condolences to the bong’s owner.

3. Product testing
Here’s an attempt at helping you find a bong that doesn’t break from Bong Wars. In it, the host does a simple, but effective test of the strength of two similar 5 mm beaker bongs from US Tubes and PH(X). It’s actually a good test, knocking the two pieces together – something that isn’t uncommon for folks with a large glass collection. Needless to say, the video doesn’t do much to sell us (or the shocked host) on PH(X) tubes.
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2. “Fuck. Ouch. Glass”
Poor Ryan. He just wants to hang with the homies and get a little toasted but clearly nobody has shown him how to properly take a bong rip. After unleashing a yellow cloud of hell upon his lungs, Ryan goes into full carpet-spitting meltdown until he knocks over the bong and shatters it on the floor. As if the unrelenting anger from his friends isn’t enough, he manages to cut himself on the remaining shrapnel. Watching the smoke billow up from the bottom of the screen while a special on Michael Vick plays in the background is unintentionally hilarious with brief interruptions of “I’m sorry dude!” from Ryan and sobs from his shirtless friend. “You fucked me so hard, dude.”

1. Just want to dance
We’re not sure what is more hilarious, this dude filming his friend dancing in his bedroom, homeboy breaking his friend’s bong at the end of his dancing, or dude running over to block the camera as if it is somehow going to erase what was just recorded. Either way, enjoy – we did.