Big medical marijuana dispensary chains in the works for Florida already


Florida voters won’t get a chance to approve a medical marijuana ballot measure until November, but already ganjapreneurs are moving in. Take Jeremy Bufford.

Jeremy Bufford, proprietor of Medical Marijuana Tampa. He is preparing to open a chain of 15 dispensaries with a quality control-lab, and next week will launch his school for medical marijuana workers and entrepreneurs in Tampa.
He has already hired five people and expects to hire 350 more, plus trigger a mini-real estate boom assuming the initiatve passes and he signs leases on the properties he’s already scoped out. His website is already advertising for 15 positions from “lead botanist” to “delivery driver” to “executive chef” to “professor of cannabis.”
The Broward-Palm Beach New Times spoke to Bufford at length about his preparations and predictions for the medical marijuana industry in Florida.