High Times Medical Cannabis Cup returns to SoCal this weekend


This weekend, on February 8th and 9th, an estimated 17,000 weed enthusiasts from every corner of the cannabis community will descend on the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino for the second time in as many years, to feast their eyes, and their lungs, on the finest marijuana and concentrates that the west coast has to offer.
While, technically, this weekend’s event is referred to as a High Times Medical Cannabis Cup, little or no flavor or culture is lost in translation between the new-age Cups in the U.S., and the granddaddy of them all, the official annual Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. Competitors, vendors, and buyers all converge for two full days to form a scene complete with informational seminars, special guest appearances, live music, and of course, the awards.

In accordance with the Cup in Amsterdam, the U.S. version presents awards in 10 separate categories; Best Indica, Best Sativa, Best Hybrid, Best Concentrate, Best Hash, Best Edible, Best Booth, Best Glass, Best Product, and finally, the Highest CBD Award.

The High Times Cannabis Cup

Any person over the age of 18 with a valid ID can attend either Saturday or Sunday, but to get past the second layer of security, and into the highly sought after medicating area, attendees will need to present a valid California doctor’s recommendation as well as their ID. Once inside, however, a Willy Wonka world of weed is displayed for sale or sample, as some of the biggest names in the cannabis game mingle throughout the crowd.
Rumor has it that Bay Area heavy-hitting rap artist Berner, of Taylor Gang and Cookies fame, will be onsite both days signing autographs. Saturday night’s concert, dubbed the Jack Herer Legalization Party, will be headlined by Atlanta area hip hop artist B.o.B., who will be joined by Young Dro, for a smoke filled celebration hosted by B-Real, front man for the ever-popular rap group Cypress Hill.
B-Real will re-take the stage again on Sunday night to accept High Times’ highest honor, their Stoner of the Year award. Awards, 1st through 3rd place in all ten categories will be awarded on Sunday night as well.
Although it is called the “Los Angeles” High Times Medical Cannabis Cup, we reported last year that the venue went through a couple of major upheavals before finally finding a welcoming home in San Bernardino, a full hour east of Los Angeles.
A few raindrops are still falling around parts of Southern California today, but the weekend weather forecast calls for temperatures in the mid-60’s and no precipitation, just thick clouds of bong smoke.
The list of winners from the 2013 Los Angeles Glendale San Bernardino High Times Medical Cannabis Cup is made up of names varying from perennial past winners, to relative unknowns, and everything in between.

Will they be able to defend their title against a growing crop of talented cultivators, extractors, artists, and bakers? That is the spirit of the High Times Cannabis Cup, and nobody will know until the last bowl is smoked and the judges’ scores are tallied.
Tickets are still available online, and will be available for purchase at the gate as well. Prices are $40 for Saturday, $30 for Sunday, or you can get a VIP 2-day pass for $85 which gets you in both days, gives you access to certain VIP-only areas of the event, and gives you a gift bag and tee-shirt as souvenirs.
UPDATE 2/10/14:
High Times Cannabis Cup 2014 Winners:
Best Indica
1st: XXX OG – Life is Good Healing
2nd: Veganic L.A. Confidential – Buds & Roses
3rd: Blackwater – Terrapin Terpene Collective
Best Hybrid
1st: Gorilla Glue #4 – Standard Seed Collective
2nd: Alpha OG – Alpha Medic
3rd: Redding OG – RCP Sacramento
Best Sativa
1st: Red Dragon – RCP Sacramento
2nd: Silver Haze – Gold Coast Collection
3rd: Crystal Coma – Alpha Medic
Best Concentrate
1st: Kosher OG – Grateful Meds/TerpX
2nd: San Lorenzo Valley OG – Venice Medical Center/TerpX
3rd: Honey OG – The Honey Spot
Best Non-Solvent Hash
1st: BAMF Private Reserve OG Solventless – BAMF/VFL Collective
2nd: Goji OG Solventless Hash – Warrior Extractions/Oh-Tay Fam
3rd: Holy Water – Collective Conscious Apothecary
Best Edible
1st: Liquid Gold Delights Mint Meltaways – G Pharma Labs
2nd: Terra Bites – Kiva Confections
3rd: Strawberry Banana Cream – Kushie Candy
Best Non-Edible Medically-Infused Product
Emu 420 Essentials Mentholated Rub – Cannariginals/Golden State Cooperative
Highest CBD Awards
Flower: Johnny’s Tonic – Elemental Seeds
Concentrate: CBD Simple – CannaVest
Edible: CBD Lollipops – Bay Meds Delivery/MTG Seeds
Best Glass
1st: Hitman Glass w/ Rob Morrison
2nd: Sheldon Black
3rd: Silika Glass
Best Product
1st: Cloud V
2nd: Oil Slick
3rd: Grenco/G Pen
Best Booth
1st: C3PO
3rd: Silika Glass