Spain man in coma from eating pot cake? Not likely.


Jenny Kush.
Not actual cake, though still awesome.

Despite what reports out of Spain may want you to believe, a student who has fallen into a coma after eating a pot brownie did not do so because of the pot in said brownie.
Reports say that a student ate a birthday cake baked with a little extra love inside and quickly became seriously ill. Nine other people went to the hospital as well. All of that is very strange and scary, no doubt. But as anyone with any clue about cannabis can tell you: it wasn’t the pot’s fault.

According to Madrid City Emergency Services spokesman Javier Chivite, who released the story to the media, there were a total of 11 men sickened by the cake – many for irregular cardiac rhythms. All of the students attend the Alfonso X University.
Interestingly, the city officials made the announcement about the pot cakes but the hospital officials are remaining mum about what exactly made the men sick – citing patient privacy issues. So, basically the city spread a rumor through official channels without actually knowing anything about the medical cause of the sickness.
Meanwhile, people around the world are consuming cannabis-infused foods and not falling into comas because marijuana isn’t going to kill or severely sicken anyone. If anything, scientists have shown it would take someone consuming thousands of pounds to even come close to any sort of toxic levels.