US Army Sergeant arrested with 23 pounds of pot in Louisiana



US Army Sergeant Horace Brown was clad in camouflage while driving through Louisiana early Sunday morning, but still couldn’t manage to hide about 23 pounds of greenery from the Louisiana State Police.
According to a LSP release, Brown was pulled over for “improper lane usage” in Port Allen, Louisiana. We’re not sure what that charge means, but wouldn’t be surprised if it’s just a Louisiana cop term thrown around for “I’m pulling over a dark-skinned man late at night because I think he looks suspicious.”

Either way, Brown was stopped and (according to cops) began acting suspiciously. That might actually be true, as we can imagine it is hard to not loose your shit when you’ve allegedly got 23 pounds of pot in the back of your car and you’re talking to representatives of the legal system in one of the harshest pot states in the country.

Sgt. Horace Brown

The troopers then asked Brown if they could search his car. He apparently said yes (Editor’s note: the answer is always “no”), and that’s when cops say they found a standard-issue Army duffle bag stuffed with a few bricks of weed.
Brown said that he was headed from Fort Polk in Louisiana to Fort Bragg in North Carolina – a move that no doubt helped seal the deal on attempted distribution charges for the 30-year-old soldier.
Depending on how he is charged, Brown could be facing anywhere from a mandatory five years up to 30 years in prison and $50,000 in fines.