Jamaica to decriminalize ganja soon?


Yeah, mon. It looks like things might get a likkle bit mo’ irie in Jamaica in the coming year as Jamaican Science, Technology, Energy and Mining minister Philip Paulwell says decriminalization is coming soon.
“Ganja will be decriminalized in Jamaica this year and emphasized that Jamaica cannot be allowed to be left behind on the issue,” Paulwell told Jamaica’s Cannabis Commercial and Medical Research Taskforce leader Dealana Seiveright.

Seiveright said that Paulwell recognizes the “multiple economic, social and cultural benefits that Jamaica stands to gain if the laws are adjusted sooner rather than later.”
The move isn’t just lip service either. Jamaican leaders have been mulling the idea since Colorado and Washington passed their laws last November. Recently, the Jamaica Observer wrote to the U.S. State Department asking for clarification on whether or not Jamaica would be able to move forward with lessening pot charges without U.S. sanctions.
“The US respects that different nations have varying approaches on the matter; it is the duty of each nation to determine drug policies that meet its specific needs within the framework of International Laws,” the State Department said in its response.
Advocates say that decriminalization could come as early as June of this year. Which, incidentally, reminds us to start planning our next beach vacation pretty soon.

Jamaican outdoor from our last vacation.