Ohio woman unknowingly drove around with pot in her spare tire since August 2013


An unnamed Lorain, Ohio woman (that we’re going to call Debby Downer) bought a new car last August and, up until now hadn’t really needed her spare. But we think it’s safe to say that someone else did need it. Really, really bad.
After taking her car in to have the flat spare tire replaced, mechanics found eight pounds of ganja wrapped around the rim. Yes, we were surprised the mechanics didn’t keep the herb for themselves as well.

The bigger story here (at least to us) is that the mechanics were honest. See, Downer didn’t need a new spare – her old one just needed air. When the mechanics filled it up and drive the car, they heard a thumping coming from that corner of the car due to the highly unbalanced (and slightly skunky) wheel.
Detective Lonnie Dillon of the Lorian County Sheriff’s office said the car was built in Mexico, so he assumes that’s where it came from. He said the pot was done by someone who “knew what they were doing” according to local reports.
But that clearly isn’t the case. Someone really fucked this up or else the pot wouldn’t have been in the tire. Downer isn’t a suspect in the case, apparently she was pretty blown away by the situation herself.
Even more hysterical than the dumb reaction from the cops was the reaction from the community.
“I can’t believe this especially around the Amherst area,” said one local resident, Gabriel, who refused to give his last name.
Others called it “shocking”.
Police estimate the haul to be worth about $12,000 on the street in Ohio.